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Just wanted to tell you that we love you…in French.

How to Create Perfectly Optimized Content: 16 Essential Elements

You know how marketers are always talking about optimizing content for search engines? What does that actually mean? No one ever explains what you’re supposed to do to optimize your content. Is there a button we should click that says, ‘optimize this content now’?

No. That button doesn’t exist. But, if it did, clicking it would do some of these things that SEJ recommends you do to your content before publishing it:

1) Search Engine Friendly URL. Don’t ignore the URL when publishing content. If your blog post is titled, “The Ultimate Guide to Visiting, Eating, and Drinking in New York City,” your URL better not have all of those words in it.

Shorter URLs that just contain the keywords perform better on search engines. So if you were writing that NYC guide, your URL should be something more like

2) Optimized Title Tag. Your title tag can sometimes match the headline of the article, but sometimes you can go another direction. Google limits your title tag to about 60 characters. If your headline is longer than that, try a different title tag. Back to our Ultimate NYC guide, a title tag for it would probably be:

<title>New York City Guide | Where To Visit, Eat & Stay In 2018</title>

That title tag accomplishes a few things. It keeps the character count short, uses the main keyword right up front, and uses a date to increase CTR.

3) Optimized Meta Description. Don’t gloss over the meta-description. Put time into writing one that convinces a searcher to click on your content. Although it doesn’t directly affect rankings, it does affect CTR. A well-written meta description will increase your CTR.

4) Target Keyword in First Paragraph. Don’t force your target keyword into the first paragraph. It should fit in there naturally.

5) Include Links. You need to have both external and internal links in your content. External links should go to sources and other things you mention, while internal links should link to product pages, relevant blog posts, and a whole lot more. Don’t go overboard. Just a few of each type of link will suffice.

TONS more to learn here…

Facebook Ads Frequency: 3 Techniques to Fight It in 2018

Facebook’s Ad Frequency metric is like the vacuum salesman from the 60s. You see this guy in a suit walking down your street, you know he’s selling somethin’ and you quickly make sure there is no sign of life at your home.

In other words, frequency is an overlooked metric. If you aren’t paying attention to it and you don’t know why your ads aren’t performing. We’re willing to bet it’s because of Ad Frequency.

AdEspresso is giving us the low-down on Ad Frequency and why you need to give a care.

Frequency Defined: it’s the average number of times your ad was served to each person. So, impressions divided by reach.

If you’re not yet convinced, AdEspresso put data behind their words. The more the frequency increased, the more the CTR decreased and average CPC increased. To address this, AdEspresso recommends beginning to alter campaigns when frequency nears 5. Don’t ever let it climb above 10.

Time for the handy tactics:

Balance your budget and campaign size. A small budget like $10 a day, will take some time for the frequency to be a problem. even with a small audience. Big budgets like $1k daily or higher need a much bigger audience.

When the Frequency goes above 5, you have a few options:

  • Refresh the ad design
  • Try a different offer
  • Target a totally different audience

Always, always exclude customers who have already bought your product. If you don’t, you’ll get a customer angrier than a monkey tearing a banana to shreds.

Use evergreen retargeting techniques. This means using something fresh or new for the audience’s eyes. It ensures an audience gets exposed to new ads over time. Focus on audience and campaign set-up:

Campaign 1
include: 1-4 day website visitors

Campaign 2
include: 1-8 day website visitors
exclude: 1-4 day website visitors

Campaign 3
Include: 1-12 day website visitors
exclude: 1-8 day website visitors

The goal is to ensure people see different ads so start by varying coupon codes, free shipping, or maybe even a free item.

AdEspresso actually has two more handy tools to help you conquer Ad Frequency, but we ran outta room so you gotta click through.

Je t’aime trop

In case you don’t speak French, that title translates to, “I love you too much.” That’ll make sense later on…

For those of you who haven’t figured it out, today’s Watch comes to us from France. But don’t worry, you don’t have to know French to enjoy it.

Intermarche, a grocery store chain in France, introduces us to a young girl who doesn’t want to eat her mother’s healthy soup. In her defense, the soup doesn’t exactly look appetizing. But she changes her tune on soup when she sees the tallest boy in school eating soup in the cafeteria.

Surprisingly, this isn’t a story about a schoolyard crush. The girl decides that she wants to grow taller and if the tallest kid in class is eating soup, clearly she should start eating soup too.

We don’t want to ruin the ending for you, but her quest to grow taller is about something we’ve all experienced at one point or another (especially if you’re vertically challenged, like this writer).

“You cannot buy engagement. You have to build engagement.”

Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Ads from the Past

It could be the end of the rubber duck as we know it.

At least people can’t blame millennials for killing off rubber ducks. Epson did it in the 80’s.


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