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Farewell Twenties

We are gathered here today to mourn a passing…

Do Twitter Ads Really Work? A Surprising Experiment

The typical approach to Twitter ads:

Drive traffic to your website by promoting a successful piece of content.

Wanna try something different on the platform? The founder of JotForm, Aytekin ‏Tank, was ready to test out a new approach on Twitter. So he did.

A little bit of background info is necessary, though. Aytekin had been successfully blogging on Medium for a while before testing this approach. His Medium posts were getting tons of views. This isn’t a crucial step for this Twitter strategy, just something to keep in mind.

Anyway, Aytekin knew that Twitter and blogging really aren’t too different. Aside from the character limit, Twitter is all about sharing your authentic voice and providing value.

Most of the top performing tweets are the ones that tell authentic stories and don’t link to anything. Take this tweet from Rodolphe Dutel as an example.

For Aytekin’s Twitter ads strategy, he decided to repurpose his most successful Medium post into a Twitter thread. He then included a link to the original post in the thread. Here’s a link to the thread.

So what happened?

  • His tweet-thread gained 17,177,432 impressions with almost 5 million of those impressions being organic
  • It had an average engagement rate of 14.46%
  • And a crazy-low cost per engagement of $0.01
  • 35,116 link clicks
  • 4,346 profile views for @JotForm
  • 5,752 new followers for Aytekin

Those are all exceptional numbers. So what are the takeaways?

  • Twitter is a great place to repurpose content. Don’t just copy/paste a link to your content in your Twitter ad. Instead, re-write it on the platform.
  • A Twitter thread can help you build brand awareness and drive traffic at the same time.
  • You can keep the conversation going on Twitter. Engage with people who engage with your promoted tweet.

There’s still more to learn in this post from Buffer. We recommend you take the jump to get all the takeaways.

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

Bad things happen to good people. Maybe there was a defect in your product or an employee goes rogue. Whatever the cause, brands take reputation hits all the time.

You just have to know how to handle these blunders when they happen. And for all that’s holy, don’t wait for it to happen. We’re getting help from Neil Patel today to give tips on how to improve your online rep.

Let’s get started.

1. Reviews are your biggest friend here. You’re bound to have a few negative ones but that’s okay. It’s unavoidable. What you need to make sure of though is that your good reviews outweigh your bad reviews by a lot.

So how do you get more reviews? Ask! Here are some tips:

  • Offer an incentive
  • Make leaving a review easy. Give your audience links to exactly where they should leave a review.
  • Give them a prompt like, “How did product x make your life easier?”

2. Remove ads from your website. A common thing these days is to fill your space with ads because it’s a revenue stream. Well, stop it. People hate them so much that the second it happens they leave.

Consumers dislike online pop-up ads and online banner ads.

3. Encourage customer to upload their photos. Neil reported that “77% of consumers say customer photos have a greater impact on their buying decisions than professional photos.”

Customer photos are just more authentic. A product at the perfect angle, under the perfect light, with the perfect actor/actress using it looks nice. But that’s all a setup and consumers today crave realness.

4. Respond to complaints. When something goes wrong and a customer leaves a negative review, things get tricky. But you always need to respond.

The key is to make those people feel like they’ve been heard. Ask questions about their experience so you can offer the best solution. And make sure the customer’s personal information and privacy are protected. Neil shares a great example of dealing with negative reviews from Best Buy.

That’s a lot more advice from Neil. You know what to do!

Ready for Your Next Life?

“Thank you all for coming. We are gathered here today to mourn the passing. To celebrate. To remember.”

With an intro like that, you might think today’s Watch is about a funeral. And well…in a way it is.

Transitioning from your 20s to your 30s is like moving on from one life to another. No more late nights, wild parties, Fireball shots, or terrible dating decisions (probs not that one actually). It’s time to grow up. And, what better way to grow up than with a new Fiat?

That’s Fiat’s angle in their new ad, and we think it works well. This type of angle might not always hit home, but for Fiat, they know their target audience and nail it in this ad.

“Personalization is pointless without knowing the individual. Understand the dreams, hopes, and fears that motivate your customers then hit them where it counts.”

Paul Gillin

Ads from the Past

The ’80s were a TIME for fashion. Jean jackets never really went away, but when did that shirt+suspender combo go outta style? It needs to make a comeback. Love’s dropped this ad in 1986.


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