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Unconventional tactics to try.

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4 Unconventional Marketing Tactics

If you want to make a splash, consider these alternative marketing strategies:

Ambush Marketing: This tactic involves taking advantage of a relevant event to surprise the target audience with a marketing stunt, but it carries risks of offending event organizers if not executed correctly.

Undercover Marketing: This tactic aims to subtly engage potential customers without their awareness, often through product placements or the use of undercover agents.

Ambient Marketing: This tactic uses creative and visually striking placements of brand messages or logos in public spaces, often requiring consideration of local regulations.

Experiential Marketing: This tactic encourages active public participation in interactive activities outside their comfort zone to create memorable and engaging brand experiences, with a focus on obtaining necessary permissions.

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Q for You

How often do you "accept cookies" without thinking?

Trust & Safety Tycoon

Take a break and play a constructive little browser game in which you’ll make tough calls and navigate policy dilemmas as the manager of a trust and safety team at a social media startup. It’s like Zoo Tycoon except you might actually be able to pick up skills applicable to your day job.

A woman looks into a mirror in a magazine newsstand and considers her alternative hairstyle

Soy Yo

Dove has partnered with Colombian electro-tropical group Bomba Estèreo for this self-love spot to encourage women to style their hair without societal pressure, featuring a remix of the band’s song “Soy Yo” (“I Am Me”).

Ads from the Past

2 easy ways to turn a cake into a triumph!

General Mills, 1959


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