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Following The Leaders

Marketing and business blogs to check out and questions from Carnies.

Looking for quality blogs and content from black business and marketing leaders? Here are a few to delve into:

What We Learned

Monday: Orbit Media told how to promote an article with 76 content promotion strategies for blog content. They broke down the process into 3 phases: pre-publishing, launch-day, and post-launch promotion.

Tuesday: SendPulse taught us 7 psychological hacks for email marketing. The hacks include social proof, framing, exclusivity, fear of missing out, and reciprocity.

Wednesday: Content Marketing Institute shared how to transform your LinkedIn presence so it’s not just a resume. Some of the tips are:

  • Effective LinkedIn content focuses on being relatable, conversational, and helpful.
  • Directly let people know how to take action.
  • Find your thing.
  • Strive for the “I feel like you wrote this just for me” level of feedback.

Thursday: Agorapulse went over how to craft a social media landing page that wows. Here are just some of the steps they shared:

  1. Cut the clutter and keep your main goal crystal clear.
  2. Make your brand apparent throughout your landing pages
  3. Knock that first impression outta the park with a killer headline.
  4. Consistency with your messaging matters.
  5. Make the visuals count.
  6. Directly show customers the way with a compelling CTA.

Join The Community

Corynn wrote, “I’m looking for a digital publishing platform to move annual reports and magazines to an online format that is…mobile friendly, accessible, trackable, and SEO optimized.”

Mackenzie asked, “What resources are there for selling on Amazon?”

Dan is wondering, “Has anyone here switched from WooCommerce to Shopify? How smoothly did it go? Do you have any regrets?”

Elizabeth said, “I am wondering if you have any recommendations for a tool to help remove background noise in a video.”

Job Highlight

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator – Jumbleberry (Full-time, Remote)

This team is looking for a Marketing & Social Media Coordinator who will be responsible for…

  • developing and maintaining a content strategy,
  • coordinating and executing marketing campaigns,
  • allocating internal/external resources to marketing projects.

If you are a creative and reliable individual who uses good judgment and thinks quickly on your feet, Jumbleberry wants to hear from you!

Don’t forget, if you have a job opportunity available list it with Sharp Jobs for our Daily Carnage community!

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