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Boost your LinkedIn posts after they start doing numbers.

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Build Trust with LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads

The tradition: Run interruptive ads that aim for maximum reach.

The new tactic: Take a more targeted, long-term, personal approach to reach ideal buyers. LinkedIn Ad data reveals that waiting until a post begins to perform well organically is a cost-efficient way of running a marketing campaign.

Try this: 

  • Create an email list and outbound campaign targeting contacts that are likely to be interested in taking your desired action.
  • Post informative, interesting, and unusual zero-click content on your personal LinkedIn.
  • Boost successful LinkedIn posts to your hand-picked list of people for better performing ads.

Build trust, create awareness, and drive engagement through familiarity. Check out the tactic in practice at CXL.

Q for You

Have you ever boosted a post on a personal LinkedIn account (yours or a team member's)?

Magic ToDo

You know what sucks? When you have an item on your to-do list that seems simple enough—create a social strategy, for example—but in practice, it represents a dozen other preliminary tasks and days of work before you can cross it off.

Magic ToDo automatically breaks down your items into steps based on the granularity (or “spiciness level”) you require. Top level tasks are assigned a category and emoji, which you can filter. Edit, remove, or add subtasks. Magic ToDo can even estimate time commitments for you.

Thanks to Chelsea from The Daily Carnage Facebook group for recommending this one. 


Why are so many children in line at Sephora? Apparently, Gen Alpha has been exposed to so much anti-aging content on social media that they’re now accessing and misusing products meant for adults.

Dove has teamed up with sincerity queen Drew Barrymore to address the frightening trend in a series of sponsored social posts. 

“Let’s never fear getting older because that is a privilege. If we create powerful and positive messaging, we get to be as playful as we want and as empowered as we want,” says Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore

#TheFaceof10 campaign aims to boost self-esteem in children showing early signs of anxiety over their appearance. Dove also partnered with experts to offer a discussion guide to help adults start the conversation.

Dove was quick to respond to the trend, which surfaced late last year when young TikTok users latched on to the Drunk Elephant brand.

Ads from the Past

The End of The Naked Bathroom. It begins with Sears washable bath carpet.

Sears, 1972


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