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Instagram benchmarks for Q3 2023.

Instagram Benchmarks: 2023

If you’re in the Instagram game right now, you know that the platform is heavily prioritizing Reels, and investment in short-form video is paying off. For a closer look at what’s working, Socialinsider breaks down the numbers in a recent study:

  • Instagram Reels have had a 57.4% YoY growth in usage.
  • In 2023, Instagram Reels score an average engagement rate of 1.23%, making it the best performing content type on the app. That said…

“If your insights indicate Reels outperform feed posts, then lean in more to Reels – but don’t go all in on any one type of content,” Jen Herman, Instagram marketing expert

  • Reels’ engagement entered a dropping phase, indicating that growth might not remain stable as other platforms compete in the short-form video race.
  • Reels generate the highest amount of saves for the smallest profiles. Users save content they plan to return to, so this metric matters.
  • Carousels generate the highest number of comments for the smallest and largest accounts.
  • Reels is your best bet for virality, due to their reach rate being more than double other types.
  • Reels have a 2x higher average impression rate than other types of content.

Check out the study in full over at Socialinsider.

Q for You

What's your average engagement rate for Reels?


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