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Get out your solo cups

plus – early bird tickets, posts of the week and more in our Friday recap.

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Facebook Friday

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What went down this week:

  • Emily wants to know if hashtags on Facebook are worth it for business? Chime in.
  • Larissa says, “I want a dashboard that pulls in social analytics, google analytics, google ad words analytics and I don’t want to pay a million dollars. My boss thinks my best bet is an excel spreadsheet 🤮. Is this a unicorn?
  • Shannon is making the transition from communications/marketing specialist to a project manager. Has anyone made a similar transition? Join the conversation here.
  • Downtown Brookyln Penrith restaurant did a thing this week. It caused quite a stir. Enjoy the feed.
  • Caitlin says, “Let’s talk about best practices for emailing press releases. Gimme your opinions, PR Pros!”

Get your tickets.
The Yearly Carnage is
coming. 10/4/19.

You’ll learn more in a few hours than you can handle.

Oh ya, there’s an after-party too.

Posts of the Week

  • The complete email automation guide. (via Paperform)
  • 21 Actionable SEO techniques that work great in 2019. (via Backlinko)
  • How to succeed in B2B on social media. (via Hubspot)
  • Pounce the market with the lastest insights. (via Trends)
  • Your new content calendar. (via Airtable)

Drink of the Week

We aren’t going back to school, but we are reminiscing on our days at college.

What you’ll need:

$15 bucks for a 30-pack of Natural Light.

*Bonus points if you drink it out of a solo cup.

Ads from the Past


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