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Why SMS Marketing Doesn’t Suck

How many times do you check your phone per day?

If you’re like most, it’s right around 85 times. 😲

Over 80% of millennials say they check their phone as soon as they wake up.

Why do these numbers matter?

Let us tell ya.

SMS (short message service) open rates hover at 82.1%. We get a pretty killer open rate with the Daily Carnage, but 82%? Hot dang.

Hopefully, we piqued your interest in SMS marketing. If so, here are 5 advantages to consider.

  1. Texting has by far the best engagement rate of any marketing medium: Most of us read texts right away. It’s just not the same with emails and phone calls.
  2. Trackable platform: Just like ESPs, (email service providers) there are plenty of tools that track who opened your text message, what they clicked and who ignored it. These detailed metrics help you manage your campaign right from your desktop.
  3. Interactive content: Want a quick response? SMS allows for instant feedback from your recipients.
  4. Immediate delivery and data: Mobile marketing is fast, really fast. You can fire up a campaign in a matter of minutes and get instant data.
  5. Personal touch: Texting gives you a unique opportunity to speak to your audience in an informal way. It’s like talking to your crew.

Now you know the advantages, dive into the basic components of SMS marketing below. It’s 🔥.


If you’re buying into SMS marketing, you need a tool for it, right?

Enter SlickText.

SlickText is an industry leader in text marketing. No wonder it’s used by legit brands like ESPN, Lyft, FedEx and more.

Check it out. 👇

Stranger Things 4 | Official Announcement

If only this could drop on Halloween…

“We’re Not In Hawkins Anymore.”

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