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Get Savvy With Surveys

Increasing survey response rates and a nifty poll tool.

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Which of these is the most effective strategy to increase your survey response rate?

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Less Is Not More: Strategies to Increase Your Survey Response Rate

We all become the people we are through feedback. If nobody ever told us we were doing something right or wrong, we might never know the difference. In school, your grades are feedback to help you reach higher levels of education. At work, we learn whether or not we’re heading in the right direction through client feedback or performance reviews. Feedback is also a crucial element in making the most of your brand. To help you collect feedback, Sendpulse is providing strategies to increase your survey response rate.

  • Segment your audience. It may be that your survey doesn’t apply to everyone on your mailing list. Make sure you target only those it pertains to. If you send it to everyone in one fell swoop, some may just see it as spam if it holds no relevance to them.
  • Incentivize responses. People are more likely to complete your survey if something is in it for them. Offer a discount coupon to those who fill it out. Or, allow them to enter their email for a chance to win a prize. It’s a two-way street, so make sure your audience feels it is worth their time to fulfill your ask.
  • Polish the user experience. If people become frustrated by your survey, then they won’t think twice about abandoning it. Make sure your questions are clear and the available response options are comprehensive enough to collect accurate feedback. Think about the flow of the survey with respect to the order of questions asked. A nice layout can work wonders as well.
  • Master the subject line. Subject lines are important in every email you send. When you send a survey, you want your subject line to indicate you need feedback without sounding boring or spammy. Oftentimes, email services move emails with “survey” in the title to the spam folder, so best to avoid using that word.

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Scalemail Polls

Polls and surveys are excellent methods of gathering feedback from your audience. If you love the poll feature at the top of our newsletter, then take a look at Scalemail Polls.

We built this tool as a way to collect feedback directly within The Daily Carnage. It’s easy to implement, it’s great for asking your audience quick questions, and it’s a tool you can use to grow your subscriber list. Reach out if you’d like to implement Scalemail Polls in your own newsletter.


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