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New Google Ads features to check out.

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16 New Google Ads Features

Google has added 16 new features to its Ads Editor to improve your campaign efficiency:

  1. App Install Ads deep links.
  2. Automatically created Ad Strength assets.
  3. Asset source in asset report.
  4. Additional fields in Discovery product ads (Videos, Long headline, Path 1, Path 2)
  5. In-feed video ads.
  6. Text mode for selecting videos.
  7. Campaign level broad match.
  8. Video view campaigns.
  9. Search themes in Performance Max campaigns.
  10. Replace Text tool for product groups.
  11. Device targeting in Discovery campaigns.
  12. Brand settings for Search and PMax campaigns.
  13. Dynamic Search Ads features in PMax.
  14. Ad format controls for Video reach campaigns.
  15. Demand Gen ad group level location and language.
  16. PMax dynamic Search Ads upgrade tool.

Check out Search Engine Land to learn about each feature.

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