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Go FCC Yourself

It’s Net Neutrality Day so we’re dropping some links about Net Neutrality.

The Formula of Persuasive Landing Pages

Are your landing pages persuading people to take the action that you want from them? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, there’s always room for improvement.

Joanna Wiebe is one of the best —actually just the best — conversion copywriters out there. (We love you, girl!) In today’s podcast, Joanna reveals some of her secrets to creating high-performing landing pages. It’s a dynamite podcast, but if you don’t have time to listen, here are your notes:

  1. Match your landing pages with the buying funnel. If you’re writing copy for a case study download, you’re going to write differently than copy for an email sign-up landing page.
  2. Get emotional with your copy. This is where people truly miss. The PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solve) framework helps make your copy emotional. To effectively use this, however, you need to know what your customer’s problem is. Talk to your current customers to find out what their problem was and why they work with you to solve it. Jump to 18:25 for more on this.
  3. Get specific. Where is the traffic coming from? Write multiple landing pages for different traffic sources. If you have people coming from email, give them a different landing page than someone coming from organic search. Those are two very different types of traffic, and they’ll need a focused landing page to convert.

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How Buzzsumo Went Viral

Going viral can have different meanings for different companies. A Buzzfeed post going viral is totally different than a Hubspot post going viral. Maybe one day, The Daily Carnage will go viral… ::stares longingly into the distance::

Okay, getting to the point — Buzzsumo (no relation to Buzzfeed) recently had a post go viral and they wrote a blog post about why it went viral. Tons to learn from it, including:

  • Their viral post was what they call “cornerstone content”. They describe that as content that is so good that it demands the attention of your audience. Let’s say that again: demands the attention of your audience.
  • They had a super detailed content promotion strategy. Buzzsumo used direct mail, paid ads, influencer marketing, podcasts, and journalists to help get their post out into the wild. 
  • The post had a ton of data. People love data, sharing data, talking about data. It helps make the story more real. Moral of the story: Use data. 

How to Maximize Your Campaign with Instagram

But first, lemme take a selfie.

Sometimes you need to sell more than just yourself on Insta — you need to sell your business or your brand. Instagram has proven itself to be a seriously effective way to engage consumers to products. And today’s Watch shows there are ways to market your next campaign that still align with your personal brand — not just your brand-brand. After all, “people do not like being sold to,” so make it authentic for the very best results.

Sue B. Zimmerman explains 4 (free!) ways to maximize your Instagram market strategy. Here they are:

  1. Feature your campaign in your description. This is more than just providing a link in your bio — get creative!
  2. Make sure the campaign has a branded, visual theme that stands out from your other posts, but is also cohesive.
  3. Remind people in your captions that there’s more details in that ol’ link in bio.
  4. Stories, stories, stories — make sure you’re being active and consistent with them, too! 

“Read intensely. It’ll help you create better copy.”
Neil Patel

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