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Guess who’s back?

plus – no more stock imagery, UGC tool, and pushing the limit.

And we're back.

We’re back folks. We took a couple of days off to have all hands on deck for our 2nd annual Yearly Carnage event. A big shoutout to everyone who came out. We appreciate you. Onward.

Be in the Know

Stop with the Stock

Did you know that 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional marketing?

That really shouldn’t come as a surprise though. We all know the game is changing.

As consumers continue to crave authenticity, our content must adjust accordingly. And where does it start (or should we say stop)?

A. Stock imagery

It’s time swap out the stock for UGC (user-generated content).

Here are 4 reasons why.

  • Is this real life? Consumers need and want to get a sense of a real-life product or experience. Swap out your stock imagery and video to show real people doing real things. Our friends at Have Fun Do Good do a killer job showcasing their experiences with real people.
  • People are creating better imagery: There’s a reason why Apple ran an entire ad campaign titled ‘Shot on an iPhone.’ It’s because our cell phones take ridiculously good photos. Don’t be afraid to use a cell phone photo. It’s 2019 people.
  • It’s all in the data: Brands utilizing UGC are seeing some staggering numbers. Look no further than Visit Indy. They saw their CTR increase three-fold by using user-generated video.
  • People like to see themselves: If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to get some re-shares, user-generated content needs to be at the top of the list. People will share your brand when you feature their content. It’s that simple.


We couldn’t leave you hanging without a tool for UGC.

Enter TINT.

TINT is the most powerful and trusted Enterprise UGC platform in the world. TINT lets you find, curate, own and display authentic user-generated content across all your marketing campaigns, websites, apps and displays to increase trust.

Get on it. 👇

Push the Limit

Mother of 3, gold medalist, lawyer, and triathlete; say hi to Nicola Spirig.

She’s a bawse.

In it’s latest ad spot, the Swiss shoe brand ‘On‘ puts a strong emphasis on their support for female athletes.

“Family is our No. 1 mantra, and we encourage all our sponsored athletes–male and female–to pursue their dreams, both as a parent and as a sporting career professional,” says Olivier Bernhard, co-founder of the Swiss sportswear company. “We want our athletes to perform at their optimum level and uninhibited, knowing they have the full support of their sponsor throughout their professional career and even into retirement.”

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