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Heard You’re a Fan

Leverage social proof in cold calls.

“Make a career of humanity.” — MLK

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Social Proof Warms Up Cold Calls

Guillaume Moubeche, CEO of lempire (a B2B software business), has a podcast called Bootstrapped Stories. He interviews big-name thought leaders and asks them to share sound-byte links on their socials, which most folks are eager to do.

Then, he keeps tabs on the users that interact with those posts (or gets a list from his guests) and emails the leads directly to recap the podcast and offer a 15-minute sales call.

The relevance and familiarity of a mutual connection provides the kind of social proof that builds trust and captures attention. Plus, the CTA is reasonable.

Check out CXL to see the emails Guillaume has gotten in response to this tactic.

Q for You

Does your (U.S.) brand acknowledge MLK Day on social media?

Teeny Breaks

Trying to be more present this year? Add Teeny Breaks to your Chrome extensions. Every time you open a new tab, you’ll get a snackable, science-based tip for mindfulness, along with the link to corresponding research. And while we’re here, unclench your jaw.


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Yes, Couch

You’ve seen that Calvin Klein ad featuring The Bear’s Jeremy Allen White in his tighty Jeremy Allen whities, right?

Well, a certain red corduroy sofa from the spot appeared on Facebook Marketplace on Friday in what appears to be a cheeky little stunt courtesy of marketing agency Mojo Supermarket.

An old red corduroy couch on rooftop in NYC

When it comes to yes-chef thirst, there’s enough room for everyone at the hype party—squeeze in.

Ads from the Past

Serta, 1954

Serta, 1954


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