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Facebook Ads: Creative Ways to Attract Customers

At this point, what else can we really say about Facebook ads? We love them, our clients love them, you might be a Carnage subscriber because of one. 

The problem is that Facebook ads are quickly changing, and marketers aren’t keeping up. Your ads are likely performing, so you think you’re keeping up, but like we said yesterday…there’s always room for improvement.

And Zach Spuckler is going to help you get there, with tips like: 

  1. Common Facebook ad fails that he sees. Don’t copy what your competitors do. That doesn’t make you unique. It just makes you blend in.
  2. Users are getting smart to what ads look like on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean you should trick them into clicking on your ad.
  3. What to measure to make sure your ads are actually working. Sure, leads are cool, but Qualified Leads are so much more important.
  4. Start using Facebook Live to warm up your audience. Engagement is 10x higher on Live than any other format. Facebook Live is so hot right now.

If you wanna skip Zach’s story and get right to the good stuff, start at 13:45.

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4 (Fresh) Social Media Tools to Scale Your Marketing

Before you say it, we know – there are so many social media tool roundups out there. But, trust us when we say, that Sam Hurley is slingin’ some totally fresh and phenomenal tools this time around in today’s Read.

Without getting too detailed (which was hard because this post is rich in juicy goodness), here are the 4 tools and just half the ways they’ll enhance, expand, and organize your brand’s social strategy.

1) Zest — This remarkably free Chrome extension has an intuitive dashboard that stops the time you waste scouring through stale, mediocre content. Definition fresh.

  • Gains increased visibility for your content
  • Tightly-knit community of influencers and top brands = greater chance of your content reaching new, larger audiences

2) Brand24 — Creates highly-customized alerts for clients, competitor terms, hashtags, and mentions to capitalize on situations at any given time. 

  • Allows you to set up tailored email alerts and analyzes discussion volume so you can spot sudden problematic/negative sentiments 
  • Sorts your mentions by influence score and build relationships with those who spread the word about your biz

3) AgoraPlus — Swiftly schedule, handle, and respond to all content posted to every social platform (effortlessly).

  • Lets you know your top interactors at a glance with visual indicators, like colorful badges and audience categorizations
  • Easily identifies your best-performing content in order to repurpose and enhance 

4) MeetEdgar — Maximizes the return on your social content by allowing you to re-post your evergreen content. (Over and over again!)

  • Schedules all posts on repeat to make the most out of their shelf life, without further manual action 
  • Allows you to set expiration dates on content that may go out of date 

An SEO Strategy that Actually Works

Here’s your word of the day: Guestographics.

That’s the tactic behind what Brian Dean used to increase his organic traffic by 175.59% in less than a month. But wait, there’s more! In today’s Watch Brian outlines the process that took his traffic to new heights.

His steps:

  1. Create and publish a high-quality infographic. You’ll probably need a good designer for this.
  2. Make sure that people will want to read your infographic. Use a data-backed approach to find popular questions that aren’t answered properly. Use a tool like Answer the Public for help on this.
  3. Create a list of people who are interested in your topic. Yeah, content promotion is super important. It’s more important than creation. Email those people your new infographic (Brian even has a stellar email script for this).
  4. Get contextual backlinks. Google puts more weight on backlinks that are surrounded by unique content.

Bonus Tip: List your sources on your infographic. This helps build credibility and gives you a great starting point for content promotion.

“You cannot be everything to everyone. If you want to go north, you cannot go south at the same time. ”
Jeroen De Flander

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