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How to Eat a Taco

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7 New Instagram Features You May Have Missed

🎶Here we go, here we go, here we go again
Fam, what’s our weakness? (Instagram!)
Ok then, postin’, postin’
Growin’ our business
Yo, crew, we looked around, and we couldn’t believe this
We swear, we stared, our team, they witnessed
The ‘gram had it goin’ on with somethin’ kinda, uh
Wicked, wicked (ooh) had to test it…🎶

We can keep going. Honestly, we really want to, but we’ll stop for your sake. Let’s just get right to Likeable’s newest blog post on the 7 new Instagram features you may have missed.

1. Recommended Posts. It’s a new feature that will help users discover the most relevant content. It’s still currently being tested.

2. Shoppable tags in Stories. Continuing to take steps down the e-commerce road, now click-to-shop tags are available to use in the feed and in Stories. And it’s said 1 and 3 daily users become more interested in brand/products after seeing it in Stories. Yeah, how ’bout them apples?

3. Stories Questions. Marketers should be looking at any and all ways to interact with an audience. Using stickers to pose questions will drive engagement and increase transparency.

4. Explore Topic Channels. Making it easy for users to browse content/accounts they aren’t yet following, Instagram introduced Topic CHannels to the Explore Feature. This is like enchilada good because now brands can boost their discoverability and connect with an audience based on interest or passion.

5. @mention Sharing in Stories. Users can share content that mentions them, but only in their own Stories as a sticker. And it tags the original creator. Re-share-ability peeps!

6. New CTA’s! Probs don’t need to say too much here. The ‘gram released new action buttons to help turn discoverability into results.

7. Tools to Manage Usage. So users spend a ton of time on social. It’s to the point where people are getting concerned. To fix this Facebook (and Instagram) is implementing the Time Well Spent initiative. It’s essentially a tool aiming to help people feel more positive about their time on social.

Dat’s a wrap yo. Speaking of rap, can you guess the classic song we spoofed? Hit us up in the FB Group.

A Marketer’s Guide to Creating ‘How to’ Content

We’re gonna take a guess and say that at some point in your career, you’ve created “how to” content. A lot of the time, “how to” content is worth it. It can be a piece to help your customers do something, or help prospective customers figure something out.

Here’s a problem, though. “How to” content has become an extremely saturated space. Everyone is creating it. It’s gotten so bad that someone took the time to write the article, “How to Eat a Taco.”

But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create this type of content. You definitely should. That’s why Brandwatch did some research on creating “how to” content.

Here’s what they found…

1) Social engagement around “how to” content is plummeting

  • Although this problem isn’t unique to “how to” content. Social engagement with almost all types of content is falling. Just keep in mind, if you create “how to” content, it probably isn’t going to go viral.

2) Production of “how to” content is on the rise

  • Even though social engagement is down, more brands are publishing this type of content than ever before. That’s not a great trend.

3) But, there’s still a demand for “how to” content

  • Searches on Google and YouTube for “how to [do something]” continue to rise.

4) Video and visual content are the best way to impress consumers

  • If you’re dedicated to creating this type of content, maybe don’t write a traditional blog post. Try designing an infographic, or better yet, a video.

Let’s recap for a sec. “How to” content is getting less engagement, but it’s still really popular. So, it’s likely worth creating. Here’s some things to keep in mind if you are going to create it:

  • “How to” searches were dominated by trending topics
  • Beauty terms are, surprisingly, not popular for “how to” content.
  • If you’re in a tech industry, create your content for Google. In other industries, stick to YouTube for this content.

That’s all we’ve got room for. There’s still plenty to learn here…

Bohemian Rhapsody

John Lewis & Partners, a retail store across the UK, recently launched one seriously amazing ad.

If we’re being honest, the ad actually didn’t give great context to what this company sells. But maybe that was the point? John Lewis & Partners seemed to be expressing the heart and soul their team puts behind the business to go above the norm for every customer.

Plus, we’re suckers for ads with rockstar kids. And don’t even get us started with our love for Bohemian Rhapsody.

This ad has had over 200K views on YouTube, 2.2 million views on FB, and 2.8k comments on the original post. That’s all in just 5 days.

You gotta watch!

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.”

David Newman

Ads from the Past

Where a man belongs is apparently in the middle of nowhere with a pack of Camel cigarettes and an airplane that has a broken propeller. #manlymen #whyisthatdudecarryingapropeller #thatsnotgood #heshouldputthatback

Anyways, Camel Cigarettes released this ad back in the 1980’s!


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