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Hypnotizing Egg McMuffins

plus – how to network effectively, side notes and the close-friend list.

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How to Network Effectively

Networking. Ew, right?

It’s a buzzword that has developed quite the reputation over the years. Love it or hate it, it’s not going anywhere. Building personal relationships is paramount to a successful career in whatever industry you’re in.

A study from the McColl School of Business found that 70% of jobs are found through personal relationships. Follow that up with another survey finding that 40% of people feel more comfortable engaging with people online in person.

Takeaway: It’s time to get uncomfortable folks.

But, how do you network effectively and without the awkwardness? Read on.

  1. What’s your goal? A good strategy starts off with a definitive goal. Next time you’re at an event, ask yourself “who do I want to meet, and why?”
  2. Have some relevant conversation starters: Be informed on industry news and trends as it pertains to the event you’re attending. It’ll make jumping into a conversation a lot easier. To skip the awkwardness of approaching a big group, try to find someone flying solo. Introduce yourself to them to get the party started.
  3. So, you’re kind of a big deal? Talk to people that intimidate you. Don’t approach the conversation as a fan, but rather as an equal. Fire off a thought-provoking question and own it with confidence.
  4. Ask people questions about themselves: To show a genuine level of interest, it’s important to move past the “what do you do,?” “who do you work for?” questions. Dive into their personal interest and passions. If they don’t reciprocate, move on. It’s not productive to be the only one talking.
  5. Ask for what you want: At some point, you have to put yourself out there and ask for what you want. Think of ways to frame what you want around being mutually beneficial as opposed to coming off as a pushy salesperson.


Can we buy
you lunch?

Side Notes

How about some clean and handy notes on the side of your monitor?

SideNotes is a smart app for note-taking. It shows and hides on the side of your monitor to manage your notes without distracting you. It’s a great way to keep your notes organized, personalized and at your fingertips.

*Available for Mac

3D Egg McMuffin

McDonald’s breakfast went from being served only in the morning to all-day in France. To celebrate, 3D animator Matthieu Braccini created the most hypnotizing animation you’ll ever see of the creation of the Egg McMuffin.

Sit back and enjoy.

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