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I’ll Be Bot, Baby

How to make your own chatbot. Plus, a podcast about taking your SEO game from zero to hero.

3 Secrets That Will Maximize Your SEO Success

SEO? More like S-E-Whoa… wait, did we make that joke already? Sometimes, there’s only one way to think of the beast that is SEO.

Everyone knows how important it is, but not everyone knows how to use it. So, let’s get you closer to harnessing its power!

Today’s Listen is going straight to the source — a true expert in the field, Lydia Gilbertson from Distilled. Lydia has deeeeep knowledge and experience working with clients where organic rankings are mission critical to the bottom line.

This 20-minute podcast answers questions that are often overlooked, revealing big ways to up your SEO game. There’s so much goodness in this that we couldn’t sum it all up…We tried, but it got too late and we had to go home for dinner. (Psych, you can actually read the transcript here.)

  • (01:45) What types of problems Lydia helps solve at Distilled.
  • (03:34) Searcher intent: What it is and why it’s so important for SEO.
  • 3 different kinds of intent: informational (looking to know something), transactional (looking to buy something), or navigational (looking to go to a site).
  • (05:55) Tools like Moz or Ahrefs can see what already exists in a page, so you can match the intent of that keyword with whatever page you’re optimizing.
  • (08:40) Sitemaps and why they’re so dang important. Don’t forget about ‘em!
  • (09:13) Think of sitemaps like signposts that say, “Hey, this is what’s important and this is the structure of this website.”
  • (09:30) Screaming Frog (one of our fav tools) can help you build an “ideal” sitemap.
  • (14:02) Lydia’s best tips for improving site speed and why it’s so important to SEO.
  • (15:10) Site speed also plays a factor in how Facebook chooses which articles to spread more thoroughly in its algorithm. A lot of other platforms are following suit.
  • (15:39) Use Google’s free site speed testing tool, PageSpeed Insights, to test your site speed. Ideal speed is under 5 seconds.
  • (16:50) How to optimize for site speed.

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Life Beyond Email: Facebook Chatbot Marketing

We had a little discussion the other day in our Facebook Group about how to build a chatbot for marketing. We didn’t really have a good answer so we went to the interwebs and spent a few days searching for the best blog on building a chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

And we found it. Buckle up because we’re kicking it into high gear today. 

Chatbots present a really unique opportunity for marketers right now. They’re not overrun and you can do some really cool things with them:

  • Push messages to your Messenger audience
  • Segment and serve different content to different people
  • Help people find specific content
  • Run ads directly to people who engage with you
  • Get people to opt-in to your newsletter
  • Book meetings

That’s only a few things, there are a heck of a lot more. But, let’s dive into how you can actually build one.

Here’s the good news: you don’t need to be an amazing developer to build a chatbot. In fact, you don’t need to have any dev skills. Free platforms like Chatfuel make this possible. Did we mention that it’s free?

The first thing you gotta do is figure out what the purpose of your bot is. If you have an awesome blog, maybe it’s to help people find a blog article they’re looking for.

Next, start building out your automation rules (if user does x, send them y). You can also set up rules based on keywords. So if someone types a sentence that includes a specific keyword, your bot will know how to handle that.

Chatfuel also includes the ability for you plugin YouTube videos, Instagram pics, Twitter feeds, and more. Your audience doesn’t even have to leave messenger for some of these features.

The best part of today’s Read? Screenshots of real examples so you can see these things in action. 

Winter is Comi—No It’s Not

It’s a breezy, balmy, sunny 80 degrees in Pittsburgh today… It’s beautiful. We love it. The sun is warming our hearts, really. But sooooome of us are really itching to wear those fall clothes they’ve been fantasizing about since summer.

To satiate our proclivity for cool-weather fashion, today’s Watch is transporting us to a winter wonderland. Promoting the fashion brand’s pants and skirts with Heatteach and Blocktech technology, the ad spot shows people (from the waist down) dancing in a snowy urban center. It’s cold, cloudy day, but the scene is energized and fun. It’s mesmerizing, simple, and stylish.

It’s like Gap’s Khaki Swing’s cooler, older sister.

“It’s really important to be one that’s constantly raising the bar, not bumping into it.”
Geraldine Calpin

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