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Marketers vs. Algorithms

Facebook is noticeably reducing the number of people who can organically see your company’s posts.

The Perfect Facebook Post

The good ole days are over. That is the days when you could post something on social media and have every person and their mother see your post.

Algorithms were introduced to create a more customized and enjoyable experience for the consumer as well as weed out spam.

Good for consumers, bad for marketers.

Today’s podcast from The Science of Social Media shows that if you understand what the algorithms are rewarding you could be close to creating the perfect Facebook post.

Here is the basic process:

  1. Content is published.
  2. The algorithm assesses what the content is about.
  3. The post is shown to a small sample audience
  4. If the audience reacts quickly it will show it to a larger audience.

Breaking Down the Facebook Algorithm

We’ve been reading a lot of things like this lately. We’ll sum that up quickly for you. Basically, what’s happening is Facebook is noticeably reducing the number of people who can organically see your company’s posts.

The reason is obvious, Facebook wants more companies to pay for ads. The easiest way to do this is by reducing the number of people who will organically see a post.

Right or wrong, it’s frustrating for brands. But today’s Read will help you improve your organic reach without paying a cent to Facebook.

Seth Godin on Marketing and Storytelling

Seth Godin is a master marketer, but he’s certainly not a traditional marketer. His blog is one that we read on the daily.

Seth knows how to capture awareness and attention. In today’s Watch, he discusses the idea that there is only so much awareness someone has. If we pay attention to one thing, we don’t have that attention to pay to something else.

Seth also makes the argument that marketers are often pretty terrible at getting attention from their audience. Traditional marketers just try to yell the loudest and hope people hear them. That’s the biggest mistake marketers make. Seth’s approach to capturing attention is a slower, but much better approach.

“You are not your resume, you are your work”
Seth Godin

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