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How to Launch Your Tool on Product Hunt

Startups that land on the front page of Product Hunt can expect 2k to 10k unique visitors on launch day. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Set a real conversion goal that isn’t simply upvotes. For most SaaS, service, and ecommerce startups, this would be capturing emails.
  2. Gain a small following first. Product Hunt amplifies existing momentum, so shoot for 400 users before launch.
  3. Leverage Product Hunt users. The algorithm privileges existing Product Hunt users, so sincerely ask any in your following for help, and make new connections with established users.
  4. Get hunted! This just means getting your product posted by a superuser (or yourself).
  5. Time your emails. The frequency and volume of your upvotes matters, so time your comms across channels accordingly.
  6. Choose your launch time. Tuesday to Thursday just after midnight (PST) is the sweet spot.
  7. Optimize your post. Fine tune your product description, images, and other assets to best practices.
  8. Write your maker comment. Write a helpful and humble Maker’s Comment that will appear below your product gallery.

Peruse the playbook by Demand Curve for more.

Q for You

Do you use Product Hunt?

Sprig AI Analysis for Surveys

We’ve finally made it to the age where you can ask “what does it all mean?” into the ether and receive a response. At least when it comes to survey analytics.

Sprig AI Analysis for Surveys gives you a summary of takeaways from your data and even answers your follow-up questions. Copy and paste for the deck.

An AI chatbot provides a summary of survey analytics and answers custom questions.
Credit: Sprig
Animated raspberries cheer atop a chocolate ganache cake.

No Soggy Bottoms

Lucky Brits will have The Great British Bake Off to look forward to in September. Channel 4 is running this spot to build the hype, which features a mad dash of adorable baking ingredients back to The Tent. Even those iconic raspberries from the intro sequence.

Ads from the Past

Revell, 1983

Revell, 1983


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