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Instagram did what?

IG is at it again…

Be in the Know

  • “Bartender, we’ll take a round of regrams.” Instagram is letting you post feed posts to multiple accounts within the composer screen. Diluted content anyone?
  • WTF Facebook?! Did you not learn your lesson re: privacy? The book just signed a deal with Android guaranteeing the app will be pre-installed on a number of phones. Ya, you won’t be able to delete it.

Pod Goals

Urban Dictionary defines Squad as an informal group of individuals with a common goal and a sense of solidarity. On Instagram, they refer to these crews as PODS.

The common goal is pretty simple; boost engagement.

When done right, IG pods can consume a lot of your time. The comments are more than just 👍🏼 and ❤️. You’re actually leaving genuine, long-form comments.

Our very own, Gloria Pyltak drops some knowledge on whether or not Instagram pods are worth your time.

Here are a few things to consider before you go ‘pod wild.’ 

The ever-changing IG algorithm is a pod’s worst enemy. Currently, there are 6 key factors measured in Instagram’s algorithm for content to rank highly.

  1. Interest
  2. Timeliness
  3. Relationship
  4. Frequency
  5. Following
  6. Usage

The biggest takeaway here is that engagement has no clout in IG’s algorithm. So, if you’re trying to beat the system, sorry this isn’t going to cut it. Dive deeper on the Instagram algorithm right here

Have You Reddit?

Unless you’re legit living under a rock, you’ve heard of Reddit. Are you actually using Reddit as part of your marketing strategy though?

We’re gonna give you a real-world example on how you might parlay Reddit into finding an engagement pod (we see you tactics 👆🏽). Head over to Reddit and sign up for a free account. Then, search for ‘Instagram engagement pods’ centered around your niche.

Ultimately, pods may not be your jam, but Reddit doesn’t live and die with Instagram pods. It’s a great place to get further insight into your content strategy and what ‘real folks’ are actually talking about.

Reddit is often dismissed by marketers as the step-child of the social media world, but if you’re targeting specific niches and can take some criticism, Reddit might be the place for you.

Recycled Ads?

We’re big fans of vintage ads, so today’s watch is fitting.

BMW is recycling old ads to market their pre-owned certified vehicles. That’s right, they’re playing old ads with new voiceovers. The second part of the ad states, “we saved so much money recycling this ad, we can run it as much as we want — just like the money you’ll save on a pre-certified BMW.

Ads from the Past

Johnny Carson will never go out of style. Fresca and Smirnoff circa 1969. We see a Friday drink coming with this combination. Stay tuned.


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