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It’s like Dribbble for Marketers

plus – how to perfect your LinkedIn summary, marketing examples and show recommendations.

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How to Perfect Your LinkedIn Summary

There are over 600 million users on LinkedIn. We’re guessing you’re one of them.

Your LinkedIn profile is where the conversation gets started. If you’re looking to optimize your profile, it all starts with the summary section.

Today, we’re sharing 5 tips on perfecting your LinkedIn summary.

  1. Choose the keywords you want to be found for: 🚨 Your LinkedIn profile is searchable, which means it needs to be optimized for search. Take a look at folks in similar roles. What keywords are they using in their summary? What would a recruiter search for to find you? Use those keywords in your profile. Also, reupload your banner image and profile picture, but change the name of the file to the appropriate, searchable keyword.
  2. Write in a narrative format:  LinkedIn is all about human connection. Don’t speak in the third person. Write your summary with your voice.
  3. Hook ’em in: Here’s your chance to get creative. Putting your job title in the first sentence of your summary probably won’t win folks over. Instead, give them an enticing hook or tagline. Take Billy Gene Shaw for example: “Need more customers? I’m F*cking awesome at finding them. Call me.” We’re not suggesting dropping the ‘F’ bomb in your summary, but it’s definitely eye-catching.
  4. What do you want people to know?: Now that you have your catchy first sentence, it’s time to let readers know about you. This could be an interesting stat, your expertise, awards you’ve won, etc. This is your chance to brag it up.
  5. End with a call to action: What do you want your reader to do after reading your summary? Book a consult? Call you? Go to your website? End your summary with a strong call to action.

Marketing Examples

We think you’re gonna like this one. It’s a fresh tool, so give it some time.

“It’s like Dribbble for Marketers.”

‘Marketing Examples’ features real-world marketing examples from successful companies.

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make some

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