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Quizzes, calendars, and knock-offs. What else could you want in an email?

Beyond Buzzfeed: How to Use Quizzes to Generate Qualified Leads

Buzzfeed quizzes are just about the most popular things on the internet. For real, try to resist this one: This Good/Evil “Harry Potter” Test Will Reveal Which Hogwarts House You Really Belong In.

Here’s something you probably haven’t considered, though: you can use Buzzfeed-style quizzes as a lead-gen tactic. Lead-gen expert, Chanti Zak, has used quizzes to generate more than 10,000 qualified leads. That’s…that’s a lot.

Think of the other benefits quizzes give you:

  • Quizzes get a ton of social shares because they’re entertaining and engaging.
  • You can get more insight into your audience. A quiz is basically a survey…but it’s fun to take.
  • They give you easy ways to segment your list. You can automatically put quiz-takers in different funnels based on their responses.

You’re sold, right? Us too. Next step is actually creating a quiz that gets leads for you. Here’s how:

  1. Choose your topic based on who you want to attract. Just ask yourself, “what keeps my ideal customer up at night?”
  2. Ask the right questions. Position your questions around whatever it is that you sell. If you’re a company that conducts customer research, ask something like, “How would you define your company’s ability to collect and analyze customer feedback?”
  3. Write outcomes that help your audience solve a problem. Rather than just having a brainless answer for your quiz-takers, give them some value!
  4. Capture their email before giving them the results. Once someone has taken the time to take the quiz, hit them with a “drop your email here to get your results” CTA.
  5. Build a custom email drip campaign for quiz takers.

Here’s the best part, quizzes can be used in any industry, any vertical. Neil Patel saw a 500% increase in leads after using a B2B-style quiz. Still skeptical? Check out these case studies from companies who are crushing the quiz lead-gen game.

Barely scratched the surface of this topic. Dive in to get the full scoop on quizzes, and there’s even a quiz about copywriting at the end of this post →

Content Calendar Examples From Awesome Brands to Inspire Your Own

Content calendars are crucial in rolling out a successful content strategy. They keep your team on track, organized, and prevent any panic from last-minute writing. By making it easier to plan for the future, content calendars can boost your strategy in a big way. And you know what a better strategy means?

So CoSchedule is hooking you up with a downloadable content scheduling kit that contains:

  • A social media scheduling calendar
  • A content calendar template
  • A printable marketing calendar
  • A “best times to post on social media” infographic
  • A “how often to post on social media” infographic
  • A “best times to publish blog posts” infographic

Dang, that is one stacked kit.

To further fuel your content strategy fire, CoSchedule selected 7 brands that boast thorough publishing schedules. The article also draws super valuable conclusions based on each brand’s schedules. What more could you want?

Here’s what those content schedules look like:

But you’ll want to read the full article for deeper insights—plus to download that stacked scheduling kit!

Knock On?

Knock-off clothes: as American as ramen noodles.

‘Cause they’re usually made cheaply in another country, but college-aged Americans can’t get enough of them. Get it!? Okay, we’re stretching it with that joke. Can’t win ’em all.

Anyway, clothing brand, Diesel, spent last week knocking off their own brand. Why? Publicity, of course. Just in time for New York Fashion Week, Diesel opened an entire store that sold low-priced “knock-offs” of their own clothes. What shoppers didn’t know until after purchasing was that these knock-offs weren’t knock-offs at all. They were one-of-a-kind pieces, specially crafted by the Diesel design team. So…they’re…knock…ons?

According to the brand, these “fake” items will likely become collector’s items (we think they’re really overvaluing how much people like their brand, but whatevs).

Confusing, right? Might be better if you just watch this one.

“Part of mastery for any platform in the social space is just testing, testing, testing.”

Nathan Chan

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