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Pinterest ads are 2x cheaper.

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Why You Should Be Advertising on Pinterest

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine with over 478 million monthly active users. Here’s why you should be leveraging this channel:

  • Discovery. Open-minded Pinterest users are actively seeking new ideas, products, and services in the form of visually engaging pins. They’re here to learn and willing to visualize your brand in their space, wardrobe, and life.
  • Cost-effective. Pinterest ads are 2.3x cheaper than other platforms, with an average CPC of $1.50—an impressive ROI compared to other platforms.
  • Engagement. Pinterest users spend an average of 14.2 minutes per session on the platform, and they’re 47% more likely to be introduced to new brands than users on other platforms.
  • Personalization. Pinterest’s advanced targeting options and Taste Graph technology help deliver your ad to the right audience at the right time, tracking users’ dynamic interests for precision targeting.

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Q for You

Have you leveraged a chatbot on your website?


Conversational marketing is popping off. Drift is a next-gen buyer engagement platform that uses chatbots, conversational landing pages, and AI tech to understand visitor behavior, allowing for hyper-personalized customer experiences that convert. Add a Site Concierge widget to your site to book meetings and start conversations or guide visitors through their journey and qualify leads with a Bionic chatbot.

Naked is Refreshing

Sprite is testing out a label-less 500ml bottle in the UK, so folks won’t have to rip off the label, making the recycling process just a little easier.

Coca-Cola estimates that the removal will reduce plastic by 2%, and they’ve pledged to reduce their packaging footprint by 2030. It’s not radical, but it’s sure to get some attention.

The clear bottles are laser-engraved and easily identifiable, and they’ll still have that green cap. Now, bring it to the U.S.

A Sprite bottle with the label torn off "Naked For Now"

Ads from the Past

Moore-McCormack, 1964

Moore-McCormack, 1964


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