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Use Your Power Words 💪

How to flex in B2B copy.

Be in The Know

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👂 Put this wearable computer in your ears.

💡 An ode to Rube Goldberg and the art of contraptions.

🔎 Now you can ask Brave Search to “Answer With AI.”

📱 Infographic: This is the average screen time by country.

👍 These are the top 30 social media influencers worldwide.

👟 The teen closet is dominated by athleisure. 

💚 Brands rolled out the green carpet for 4/20 this year.

AI Prompt: A Rube Goldberg machine. Oil painting.

A B2B Copywriting Tip

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The insight: B2B buyers don’t care about your product. They do care about job security. Here’s how to speak to their anxiety:

  1. On LinkedIn, locate the job description of the role you are targeting.
  2. Bank the words you see under “Responsibilities” and use them in a headline with descriptive, action-driven language (“What we do is: XYZ”).
  3. Communicate why buying your product will earn people points with their bosses by focusing on market share, stellar reviews, testimonials, and analyst reports.

Here’s a template to try:

  • Responsibilities of [Role]:
  • Power words:
  • Emotions:
  • “I wish I could ____” :
  • Trusted by:

Check out the full tip by Tom Orbach at Marketing Ideas.

Q for You

Brands have been quieter about environmental commitments this year. Did you run any comms about Earth Day?


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A Different Kind of Campaign

Did you know actor Matthew Lillard launched a liquor company called Find Familiar Spirits last year?

Now he’s teamed up with web series Critical Role to release a $99 Dungeons-and-Dragons-themed bottle of bourbon called Sandkheg’s Hide. We’ll spare you the details, but they’re unabashedly niche and sure to resonate with the target demo.

Matthew Lillard Find Familiar Spirits

Your booze comes with a 44-page booklet with an original short story and artwork, as well as a new map from Critical Role.

Check out Lillard’s interview with Tubefilter for more.

Ads from the Past

Nike, 1977

Nike, 1977


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