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The Best Content Review and Approval Process to Eliminate Errors

In case any of y’all want to check out the 5 ways to Use LinkedIn to Power Your Business.

By your order, we’re learning from CoSchedule how to work through a content review and approval process in the most efficient way possible! This is the workload that happens after a first draft is completed and before you hit publish.

Here’s why your team should implement a formal process:

  • Fix mistakes before your material goes live
  • Optimize and improve the content to its fullest potential
  • Ensure your targeting and strategy stayed on point throughout the creation process

Not to mention, a formal content review allows for consistency across your entire writing team.

Step 1: Define Your Stakeholders. AKA who needs to be involved in your content. Have an open conversation with your team that defines the roles and expectations.

Step 2: Clarify Your Process. Layout your review process from start to finish. Discussing the layout with your team will avoid too many cooks in the kitchen as well as hold accountability.

Step 3: Map Out Your Timeline. When making a timeline, consider things like how long each step of the review takes, and how often your team publishes.

Step 4: Lay Out Brand Guidelines. By this point, ya know who’s doing what. Next, make editorial guidelines to make sure content is consistent no matter who creates it.

Step 5: Compile everything into a repeatable system. All of that set up means nada if it can’t be repeatable.

CoSchedule goes deep into the weeds with this article giving examples and step by step checklist to kickstart your content review and approval process. You know what to do!

What’s up, Yinzers

Calling all Pittsburgh-based Carnies! MissFits is hosting a panel of amazing female podcasters at Carney’s office in Regent Square.

Learn how to get your own podcast on-air and what grabs the listener’s attention. Snacks and beverages will be available. Plus, a sneak peek into our new podcast recording room. It’s a totally free event. Come hang out with us on Tuesday, Feb. 25th from 6 to 8 pm!

What's Happening in FB

Audrey needed some advice, “We are currently using Shopify for our blog. Does anyone use any good plugins or apps for page layout? (because their system is HORRIBLE) Or should we just scratch the whole Shopify thing and move to another blog server?”

Wi-fi Withdrawal

Y’all, we hella relate to this ad spot and we aren’t sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing. In today’s world, we can’t help but twiddle our thumbs and become unsure of ourselves when there’s no wifi. Especially in our line of work.

American Airlines gets us, though. It’s latest ad spot shows multiple scenarios of folks handling a 6-hour flight without wifi. It’s straight-up chaos, but great to watch.

Also, Magical Seatbelt Buckle seasons 1-3 are included in the ad spot. We’re fairly sure Netflix will pick up season 4.

Ads from the Past

1922, Jello

“The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


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