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How to Get People to Engage With You and Your Blog

Ahh, engagement. We fight so hard for this metric and it’s like attempting to give a cat a bath. Here’s the thing tho, an engaged audience leads to some serious buyer loyalty.

ProBlogger is giving us tips to up our engagement game. Let’s dig in!

  • Be the community you want to create. Believe it or not, this takes practice. You can’t expect people to engage with you if you aren’t returning the favor. Digital convos are a two-way street too. It is quite a commitment tho so set time aside every day to manage engagement.

Insider Tip: Answering questions, no problem. But, what about an emoji comment? Focus on the emotion or reaction that’s given off by the emoji. See this – “😍💪”?  Respond with “Sending that love right back at ya, friend.”

  • Set up an autoresponder. What happens after a newbie signs up for your newsletter? You probably send a thank you email, amirite? Take that thank you email to the next level with engaging questions. Encourage an engaging relationship from the start.
    • Email 1 should look something like: A “thank you for subscribing” + delivery frequency + future expectation + Invite readers to reply (and offer template questions).
  • Create engaging content. Whether it’s a blog, social post, podcast, video or whatever content your heart desires, end each piece with a question. Now, don’t ask deep, personal questions. Make it as easy to answer as possible.
    • For example, a How-To blog could ask – “Did any step in this How-to guide trip you up?” Then if you want to make it even easier for people to respond, offer the question like it’s multiple choice.

Insider Tip: For goodness sake, make sure you respond to every comment.

ProBlogger continues with advice on live streaming and creating content events. Smash the button and become an engaging wizard!

We ❤️ Email

Shout out to our friends at Literacy Pittsburgh – we appreciate you sharing with us!

The Challenge: As a nonprofit organization, the staff members at Literacy Pittsburgh are inclined to help. They want to support each other and their students. When social distancing began, our inboxes exploded with all-staff emails featuring resources and tips.

The Solution: During one of the (now daily) leadership team check-in calls, Literacy PGH decided to create a daily digest email. Staff was instructed to send information to the Marketing & Communications Director by 1 pm each day for afternoon distribution. Thus, the Daily Dispatch was born!

It’s usually about 6-8 brief stories that are bulleted at the top. Topics include:

  • agency news
  • community resources
  • tips for staying sane in an insane world
  • pet of the day
  • a meme
  • an anecdote from a staff member
  • Plus, a daily theme feature like Take Me Back Tuesday. 

The Marketing & Comm Director does light editing for space and sends it through Outlook with attachments if needed. Each story is credited to the person who submitted it. A statement at the beginning asks people to use an abundance of caution and do not reply all but rather contact the person who submitted a story with questions or comments.

The Response: Three issues were published since the #staysharp submission. The Marketing & Comm Director strives for a healthy mix of news, tips, and fun. And staff LOVE it! It’s received much positive feedback. After the second issue, a staff member even said she already looked forward to seeing it in her inbox each day!

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Carpet Street

Alright y’all, is it shoes on or off inside your house? It’s a toss-up anywhere you go.

Sure, you could place a wonderful welcome mat outside your door. But can that mat weather the storm of pedestrian foot traffic that makes its way in from the street? What about your town’s annual bike race pass right through your living room?

Fortunately, Vanish can save your soiled carpet. Let’s face it – a fresh carpet is the best carpet.

Ads from the Past

1968, Dubonnet

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Helen Keller


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