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Look Into Google’s Soul

We’ve got the scoop on what Google considers “high-quality content.” Just look at it!

Facebook Ad Updates You Need to Know About

We got news! Big news! And small news! Facebook has made a bunch of updates to its ads and the way you manage them. All of the updates will likely mean that you’re going to be getting more for less with your money! Prices have never been better! Sorry, that sounds a cheesy furniture ad, but it’s true.

Today’s Listen has the full scoop. We’re not gonna waste your time with a long intro. Let’s just dive right in.

One quick note: this podcast counts backward so our timestamps are in reverse today.

  • (24:44) The best way to stay up to date on Facebook ad updates is to get news directly from the source. Go to Facebook’s Business News page periodically and check for updates.
  • (23:40) There’s a new feature inside Website Conversions. It’s called “Value.” When you use that optimization strategy, Facebook’s algorithm will only show your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your product/service. Apparently, Facebook takes this a step further than the targeting you can do yourself. Early tests show this feature being really effective.
  • (17:18) You can now run ads inside Instagram stories! They can be videos or images. These ads are getting really high engagement at the moment.
  • (13:31) Stories already have your audience’s attention, if you create an engaging ad, it’s super easy to get better engagement than you would see on Instagram.
  • (11:20) On September 26th, Facebook announced that Facebook Messenger ads are going to be easier to create. Facebook has made “Messages” an objective at the campaign level.
  • (6:45) Facebook is merging Ads Manager and Power Editor, but what does that really mean? Facebook is taking the best of both platforms and combining it into one. That’ll make it easier and more efficient to run ads.

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‘High-Quality Content’ Tips from Google’s Own Style Guides

Ever wonder what the heck Google means by “high-quality content?” As in, the good stuff that ranks really well?

Well, hot dang would ya look at that — Google published 5 different guides aimed at helping its own creators striving for high-quality digital content. As in, guides that Google uses internally.

Are you telling us we can get a look through the window of Google’s soul? This hyperbolic writer says, yes.

Today’s Read gives us a brief overview and key points gathered from the Developer Documentation Style Guide, as well as links to HTML/CSS Style Guide, JavaScript Style Guide, Java Style Guide.

Obviously, they’re for technical content creators, but seeing what Googles considers ~essential~ for high-quality content is valuable in its own right — and can def serve marketers in their own content-creation journey.

Ch-ch-ch-check ‘em out →

Bud Light of My Life (or Whatever) 

Wondering how to market to Millennials? Bud Light clearly was in their latest ad, which just slams a made-up Millennial lifestyle into 30 second spot.

As much as we hate how Bud Light tastes like old water — almost as much as we hate being marketed to — this ad totally works because it’s one big, beautiful joke.

It’s self-aware marketing at its finest. While highlighting this hyper-idealized “Millennial lifestyle”, the voiceover also calls it all out in the form of a stupid song.

A well-played jab at the steady stream of ads brands make portraying these alternative, catered-to-Millennials lifestyles.

Now, if only Bud Light sold that ballin’ AF kimono….

Hey, Look at This

Need some inspiration on your Facebook ads? AdEspresso has the tool for you. It’s like your own personal swipe file for Facebook ads. 

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