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Build better banner ads.

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7 Best Practices for Display Ads

You know ’em, you ignore ’em—here’s how to get eyeballs on your banner ads:

  1. Go for high-contrast. Create a visual pattern interruption to the typical dark-text, light-background design of websites.
  2. Keep it short. Get your message across in 10 words or less to accommodate small sizes.
  3. Opt for descriptive images. Users should be able to intuitively understand your company and message from your image.
  4. Avoid clutter. Minimize focal points and visual elements that distract and confuse users.
  5. Eyes on the prize. Your ad creative should be different for a prospecting campaign versus a retargeting campaign, in which users are already familiar with your brand.
  6. Optimize the landing page. Create unique landing pages for each of your campaigns that are tuned to your objectives.
  7. Test everything. Try out different color combinations, designs, CTAs, copy, social proofs, images, and value propositions to see what performs the best.

Check out Demand Curve’s comprehensive guide to Display Ads.

Q for You

Did you receive Google Ads' errant "account suspension" email last week?

TikTok Creative Cards

TikTok has launched a new resource for content creators called Creative Cards. You can shuffle through this data-informed “deck of cards” for prompts, strategic insights, and inspiration for videos. Categories include Community, Creator Tools, Trends, Storytelling, and Edutainment. You read that right.

Tobe Nwigwe raps in front of a giant LAS VEGAS sign

A Bit Excessive

Let’s take it back to the 00s with some excessive celebration in the end zone again. This year’s big game is in Las Vegas, and the city’s tourism bureau has started a Change.org petition to make it happen. It probably won’t, but A for effort.

Ads from the Past

EVERY APPLICATION SPREADS ITS REPUTATION! Gives the shine that preserves leather and resists weather! There's a SHINOLA shine for every shoe. Black, Tan, White, Ox-blood, Brown For father, mother, sister, brother- keep the SHINOLA Home Set handy! The dauber, of genuine bristles, cleans the shoes and applies the polish. The big lamb's wool polisher brings the shine like magic. The nifty, thrifty, everyday habit-

Shinola, 1923


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