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…Merry Christmas…?

Bit of a twist on the classic Christmas ad today…

41 Facebook Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2019

Hiya, what are your NYE plans?

If they don’t include restructuring your Facebook marketing plan, it 1000% should. Considering that about 2.23 billion people log into the platform every month, there’s no way your audience isn’t on there. Or your competition. 👀

In order to effectively restructure for the new year, Hootsuite is throwin’ some important Facebook stats your way. 💯

1) Let’s talk revenue.

Meaningful Facebook Connections = Higher User Engagement = Monetization For The Platform

What do these numbers look like? Facebook earned $13.2 billion in revenue for the first quarter of 2018. Talk about raining bills. 💸💸

2) You Aint No Time For Fake People.

Facebook is all about ~authenticity~ and removed 583 MILLION fake accounts in the first three months of 2018 alone. That’s a lot of shady people. 👻

Getting rid of the irrelevant accounts leaves more room for authentic and straight-up real brands to make waves on Facebook.

3) Facebook Is Forever Fetch.

Facebook is still making fetch happen. (Sorry not sorry, Regina.) 35% of Facebook’s audience is under 25, with 30% being ages 25 – 34.

For those catering towards a younger audience, make sure you’re keeping this info in mind when creating content in 2019.

4) People Log-In On The Reg.

Specifically, 66% of Facebook users use the app daily. That’s 1.74 billion peeps worldwide and 74% of American users.

This is important to know when brainstorming ways to hook and keep loyal Facebook fans a part of your content.

There are 37 more facts that you must know. Go read ‘em. ↓

3 Ways to Persuade People Thinking about Buying from You

If you’ve ever been frustrated over trying to convert prospective buyers into actual customers, keep readin’ before your head explodes. 💣

No matter how visually appealing your content is, sometimes it’s not enough to convince people to buy what you’re offering. For both existing and new prospects, how do you make sure people are actually persuaded to buy what you’re selling? 💭

The crew at Copyblogger is breaking it down for us; you gotta think in terms of TIE, aka Thrill, Inspire, or Educate.

Here’s what they mean:

1) Thrill

In case you didn’t know, there are some people that are just waiting to buy from ya. Whether you’re in the works of releasing a new product or service, some of the most loyal customers are counting down the days until they can do so.

Focus on nurturing your current list of prospective repeat buyers with info about products and/or services that will be released soon. When they’re finally available for purchase, you’ll have a group of people already eager to buy.

2) Inspire

The content you create should act as a guide for buyers as to why they should act in that very moment. You’re basically like a tour guide holding the map for prospects. 🗺

Your audience needs to be reminded throughout every piece your content that in the moment is the best time to buy. Basically, waiting isn’t an option.

For the last piece of this persuasion puzzle, you’re gonna have to click for more. 👀

O Human Being

Ready for an incredibly morbid Christmas ad? This one is more Halloween than Christmas.

It’s a twist on the classic “cut a tree down and put it up in your house.” The agency behind this one imagines what would happen if trees were cutting down humans and placing the humans in their houses.

It’s creepy, but really well done. So…Merry Christmas…?

“Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.”

Bryan Weiner

Ads from the Past

Check out this Motorola cell phone from 1985! We’ve come a long way that’s for dang sure.


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