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Need A Boost?

Avoid Apple fees on Meta Boosted Posts.

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SMB: Avoid Fees on Meta Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts are an essential ad format for businesses to reach audiences with targeted messaging on Meta without investing in a full campaign.

This month, Apple will begin hitting iOS users with 30% service charge on Meta’s Boosted Posts when purchased in-app.

And nearly all of Boosted Post users, according to Meta, are small businesses that can’t afford to eat the cost, but also can’t afford to stop boosting.

Meta—instead of absorbing that cost for businesses or simply removing the ad format altogether—is encouraging advertisers to purchase Boosted Posts through desktop apps to avoid fees.

So, hot tip for SMB: head to and on mobile and desktop to boost your next post instead of using the in-app process.

Note: If you do purchase Boosted Posts via iOS, you’ll have to pay in advance from prepaid account funds.

Q for You

Adobe is hiking the subscription price for Creative Cloud next month. Do you use Creative Cloud apps?

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Ok, this is seriously cool. Transform your data into hand-drawn charts and visuals with drawcharts. Just select your chart type, define and populate your axes, title it, and export it in your preferred format. With the Pro account, you can import CSV files and add watermarks, too. It’s just like you drew it up.

Pizza Aesthetic

Domino’s is pushing its Perfect Combo deal on social, targeting Gen Z college students in their own language.

A man-on-the-street interviewer approaches college students with an offer: take some aesthetically-pleasing photos with a Dominos order using a disposable camera for the chance to win free food and $50. Sounds like a win-win.

The kids do a solid job and we get to see the results. It’s a play on nostalgia and straightforward value that resonates with Gen Z. Similarly, the brand posted a reel referencing a popular SpongeBob punchline, and if we’ve learned anything this month, it’s that the Mr. SquarePants sells. Nice work.

A series of disposable camera photos "The gang's all here"

Thanks to Heather for sharing this with The Daily Carnage Facebook Group!

Ads from the Past

Two people wearing tight t-shirts that say "Mucho Macho" and "Disco '78"

Super Disco Products, 1978


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