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A cure for tab addiction…

plus – Prime Airplanes, Relevant Scores and Sports Dreams.

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Is This Relevant?

Relevance Score.

Does it actually matter?

This came up in our Facebook Group, so we thought it’d be fitting to address it.

What is the Facebook relevance score?

A score based from 1 to 10 on how your ad is resonating with your audience.

Earlier this year, Facebook broke up the relevance score into 3 categories:

  • Quality Ranking
  • Engagement Rate Ranking
  • Conversion Rate Ranking

Why should you care about relevance rankings?

These metrics help you understand what your audience wants rather than just showing the success or failure of an ad.

Here’s a breakdown of each category and how you can optimize them:

-Quality Ranking: Think of this as you versus your competition. Facebook calculates this based on folks who have viewed or hidden your ad. To optimize your quality ranking, make sure you’re creating a fluid user experience. For example; completed landing pages, not using clickbait or engagement bait.

-Engagement Ranking: This metric tells you how likely your target audience is to react, comment or share. This is a great testing ground for your ad creative. As targeting and ad creative become more specific, you’ll likely see your engagement rank increase.

-Conversion Rate Ranking: This measures how likely a person is to convert, whether it’s an email submission, purchase, download, etc. Why it matters? This ranking comes down to your specific goals and strategy. It forces you to do a deep-dive into what’s actually working.

The new-ish relevance metrics are all about giving you better insight into your target audience. Facebook does a great job at breaking down how to use these metrics for better ads here.

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Tab Addict?

Are you a tab addict?

We got a solution.

Tab Manager Plus for Google Chrome. We’ve experimented with a lot of tab solution products and this takes the cake (for now).

Dream With Us

“It’s only crazy until you do it.”

Check out Nike’s latest ad spot inspiring a new wave of sport.

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