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Need new research strategies?

Marketing research ideas and Nutella’s greatest rival.

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Marketing Research Strategies: Ideas and Approaches for Marketers

Thanksgiving is well behind us, but we’re still in feast season. Whipping up a fabulous meal is an art. First, it’s important to identify the occasion, then the dietary preferences of those involved. We’ll need to find the right recipes and purchase the right ingredients to ensure the meal is the best it can be.

It’s just like market research. Perhaps the stakes aren’t as high when cooking a meal, but the process bears some resemblance. CoSchedule is walking us through some ideas and approaches to marketing strategies.

  • Define Your Purpose. Determine what you’re trying to accomplish and what problem you wish to solve. If you can identify a problem, then you can outline steps that will help you solve it. Some questions to guide you include:
    • What’s the scope of the research?
    • What kind of data do you need for your research?
    • Which business decisions will you base on your findings?
    • Which variables should you investigate?
  • Create a Research Plan. Now that you know what problem to solve, determine the kind of research that will help achieve your goal. Surveys, questionnaires, interviews, user tests, polls, and monitoring social media are all research methods you can conduct to gather data.
  • Look At Other Case Studies. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Other organizations may have put in time and effort to solve the same problem. Read up on case studies from your competitors and you’ll see whether or not they’ve faced the same problems and how they may have overcome them.
  • Identify the Personas for Your Research. As you gather data to inform business decisions, make sure you gather your feedback from people similar to your buyer personas. A survey completed by someone outside your audience won’t help you. Try targeting people who purchased from your competitors or even those who almost made a purchase. Use incentives to encourage people to take the time to give you the feedback you need.

Feast your eyes on even more strategies in the full article.


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Can’t Handle It

People all over the world have embraced Nutella. But if you’ve ever been to Italy, you know that the chocolate/hazelnut spread flows like water.

Kraft shares this ad about its own chocolate/hazelnut spread. Of course, Italians are die-hard Nutella lovers, so there’s no competition, right? Well, that’s what we thought too.

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1972, TYCO

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