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Gartner’s predictions for the future of marketing.

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Gartner’s 5 Predictions for The Future of Marketing

‘Tis the season for a little prognostication. Here’s the future world of marketing, according to Gartner, released annually:

  1. By 2025, a perceived decay in the quality of social media sites will push 50% of consumers to significantly limit their use of major platforms.
  2. By 2026, 80% of creative talent will use GenAI daily, allowing for more strategic work, resulting in increased spending on creative.
  3. By 2027, 20% of brands will lean into positioning and differentiation predicated on the absence of AI in their business and products.
  4. By 2028, brands will see their organic site traffic decrease by 50% or more as consumers embrace GenAI-powered search.
  5. By 2026, 60% of CMOs will adopt measures such as content authenticity technology, enhanced monitoring, and brand-endorsed user-generated content to protect their brands from widespread deception unleashed by GenAI.

So, what do you think? Garner has some tips to prepare on the blog.

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How many professional certifications did you acquire in 2023?


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