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~Oui~ just wanted to talk about how to say sorry (in between binging Emily in Paris).

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How to Apologize for an Email Marketing Mistake

It’s something that gives marketers nervous sweats – email mistakes. Human error will always be a thing, and there’s no undo button for a sent email. As a daily newsletter, we’re no stranger to goofs. We get it.

So what do you do if you make a big email mistake? You have to apologize. The best formula is to acknowledge the mistake, take full responsibility, and make it right. Here’s how to do it:

  1. It all starts with the subject line: Make sure the tone is right. If it’s one of those mistakes people can laugh at, laugh at it, too! Be mindful if you need to be more formal.
  2. Personalize it: Receiving an apology email from a no-reply inbox might not cut it. Sometimes you gotta get personal and specific.
  3. Acknowledge your mistake: Admitting is the first step, and it’s essential to a genuine, clear apology.
  4. Clarify any intention: Let your audience know that it was not your intention to cause offense, confusion, or distress.
  5. Empathize with your audience: For some mistakes, you may have to show some empathy and make your audience feel valued.
  6. Keep it positive!: No one wants to see someone put down, so try to explain things in a positive light. It also helps to explain what you will do to prevent future mistakes.
  7. Add some humor (when appropriate): If you think there is a possibility that making a joke could make things worse, don’t test it. But like we said about subject lines, some mistakes can be laughed off.
  8. Make it up to your audience: Because who doesn’t like a little incentive to help forgive?

Check out the full post by MailerLite for subject line ideas, real brand examples, and instances where you don’t have to apologize. They even provide a template for you (just in case).


Q for You

For those of you that have watched "Emily in Paris" on Netflix, did you like it?

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A Council of Emilys in Paris

So by now, you’ve either binge watched or heard of everyone else binge watching “Emily in Paris” on Netflix. It’s a show about, you guessed it, an American girl named Emily navigating her career in marketing…in Paris. This Duolingo ad criticizes her lack of studying up on the French language. Duolingo interviews all the other Emilys of Paris and they all agree: don’t be that Emily, learn some French!

They even poke fun at Duolingo’s “pushy” owl, Duo. We love it!

Ads from the Past

1962, Chef Boyardee

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.”

Daniel J. Boorstin


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