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You May Ask Yourself

Why isn’t my content ranking?

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5 Questions to Ask When Content Doesn’t Rank

Ask yourself these 5 questions to target the most likely and relevant ranking factors contributing to your rank:

Q #1: Is the content good enough?

If your content doesn’t authoritatively address pain points and offer solutions in a concise, entertaining, and accurate way, it might not be providing the value necessary to rank.

Q #2: Is the content optimized properly?

Variables like structure, length, and format should be optimized to be similar enough to existing content that it answers search intent, but differentiated enough that it ranks as superior.

Q #3: Do you need multiple new pages or one in-depth?

SERPs are prioritizing unique, narrow pages that answer user queries instead of longer, more in-depth pages that span related searches.

Q #4: Do you have enough proper topical authority?

Big brands win out. You need both quantity and quality in terms of site content and size in order to compete.

Q #5: What about off-page competitiveness?

Backlinks can still make or break you. Focus your attention to generating high-quality backlinks from reputable sources to compete.

Go in-depth over at at Search Engine Land.

Q for You

How do you consume most of your thought leadership content?


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Make It History

TW: Language of sexual violence

A dismal report by the French High Council for Equality about the state of sexism in modern culture inspired ad agency BETC Paris to share this simple, lingering spot.

It opens with a series of clips featuring men making offensive remarks about women, clearly pulled from the archives of time given the low quality and antiquated hairstyles.

But then, the video format changes into familiar short-form vertical. Time has passed, and the way we consume and interact with our culture has changed, but the barrage of sexist rhetoric remains unchanged.

Ads from the Past

Leininger's Formaldehyde and Menthol Inhaler.

Sears Catalog, 1908


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