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New ChatGPT Features

OpenAI is enhancing productivity and efficiency with these simple but consequential ChatGPT updates:

  1. Prompt examples. Everyone wants to know: what prompts are you using? Now ChatGPT will offers some recommendations to opening a dialogue.
  2. Suggested replies. Now, you can converse in one click, making it faster and easier to find the answers you’re looking for.
  3. Code Interpreter beta. ChatGPT Plus users will now be able to upload 10 files for data analysis, such as keyword research data.
  4. Stay logged in. You won’t be kicked out after 2 weeks anymore. Plus, the login page is more user-friendly.
  5. Keyboard shortcuts. Find a complete list of shortcuts by pressing ⌘ (Ctrl) + /.

Check out the full list at Search Engine Journal.

Q for You

Eight months after its release, how often do you use ChatGPT?


You know how you try to be present at work meetings by taking comprehensive notes, but instead you end up trailing 15 seconds behind and missing the important stuff?

Circleback is an AI-powered transcription tool that automatically joins your Google Meet, Teams meeting, Zoom, etc. It quickly generates a surprisingly accurate and searchable transcription of your meeting. Plus, you can request a summary or ask Circleback questions like “What is the deadline for this deliverable?”

Maybe try “Couldn’t this meeting have been an email?”

Today's Webinar: Navigating SEO & AI

We can’t wait to chat with you at 1:00 p.m.

Navigating SEO and AI: Future-Proofing Search Marketing in the Generative AI Era

Join The Daily Carnage and SEO Strategist Emily B. Yost TODAY for “Future-Proofing Search Marketing in the Generative AI Era.”

Jungjae Lee for Gucci

Jungjae Lee Has Baggage

Global brand ambassador Jungjae Lee of Squid Games fame is gallivanting about The Savoy in London for this Gucci Valigeria campaign—with the iconic luggage in tow. This historic hotel just so happens to be where founder Guccio Gucci himself was inspired to create his own brand.

Ads from the Past

Corn Flakes, 1955

Corn Flakes, 1955


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