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Facebook is about to get weird 😜

and…emoji paradise, Simone Biles, and making better content.

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Can Your Content Handle Your Buyers?

If marketing funnels functioned like real-life funnels, our jobs would be a lot easier.

Think about it.

We draft our sales funnels anticipating that customers will follow them from discovery to purchase. Unfortunately, the buyer’s journey isn’t always that linear. Research shows that 70% of buyers conduct over half their research online before making an offline purchase.

It’s important to recognize that your customers are going to follow a messy journey to your product or service.

Your content marketing efforts have to account for that ‘messy journey.’

So, how do you do it?

Produce more content that is relevant to your buyer’s journey. That might sound like a no-brainer, but there’s been a noticeable shift in brands producing content just to produce content. In turn, buyer’s continue to find less relevancy in the content itself and move on.

The folks at CMI did a bang-up job laying out the buyer’s journey and the thought process behind it.

Loosening of the status quo > Committing to change > Exploring possible solutions > Committing to a solution > Justifying the decision > Making the selection.

Takeaway: It’s easy to get caught up in sheer volume when it comes to content. Don’t do that. Focus on mapping out a content strategy that speaks to your buyer’s journey and is relevant enough to facilitate a purchase decision.

Wanna break
through the noise?

All the Emojis πŸ‘

Tired of endlessly scrolling through emojis looking for the right one?

You’re gonna like this tool.

Emoji Clipboard allows you to quickly find and search through thousands of emojis. This tool is πŸ”₯

This Ad Spot is Stacked

Beats by Dre begins its takeover. Their newest ad spot features a slew of pro athletes that most marketers wouldn’t know what to do with. You gotta watch it. Bonus points if you recognize them all.

Ads from the Past

United for Yosemite. 1945.


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