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Don’t forget about off-site SEO wins – Plus, a tool to get your to-do list to really stick.

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Bonus: New designer or just bad with the pen tool? There’s a little design game for that!

How Reviews Can Improve Your SEO Efforts

Off-site SEO can be some powerful stuff to continue giving you brand awareness outside of your own website or SEM. A great way to give your off-site SEO a boost is with reviews and testimonials that aren’t hosted on your website.


Here are five ways marketers can leverage SEO from reviews:

  1. Off-site should be a priority: Your off-site SEO helps your relevancy, authority, and trustworthiness. Yet, brands still push it to the wayside and spin their wheels focusing on on-site SEO. Make more effort to expand your online presence with third-party review sites (and Google reviews, of course).
  2. Don’t neglect referral traffic: Creating complete brand profiles on third-party sites can also lead to a spike in referral traffic. Research the top results for third-party review sites and take advtange of that channel opportunity.
  3. Display reviews on your website: Okay, we just got done saying that brands are spending a lot of time on their on-site SEO. BUT if you don’t already have a place on your website to show off some testimonials, now is the time to change that. Show off your good side!
  4. Pay attention to star ratings: While individual reviews that are rich with keywords and search terms are great for the long game, star ratings are often the first impression that matter most.
  5. Make use of long-tail search queries: Detailed reviews are a great opportunity to rank for niche keywords and phrases. Leverage those long-tail keywords that get less search traffic but often have a higher conversion value as they are more specific.

Check out the full post by Search Engine Land for more SEO tips and real examples of how it’s done.

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Sticky Notes Tab

Sometimes you just need a tiny, colorful reminder. Sticky notes are a great way to keep you on track so if you don’t have paper lying around, keep it all digital! This Chrome browser extension is great for anything needing fast, virtual sticky notes that will follow them every time they open a new tab.

We tried it out and the default font is a sin, but you can edit the fonts so it’s all good!


Pride, not Patronizing 🌈

Here’s a lighthearted PSA about “rainbow-washing” since Pride Month has ended. Nobody likes when brands, orgs, and corporations put on a show of values but don’t back it up. Drag queen and politician Marti Cummings explains some rainbow washing no-nos with this combination of “soap ad” that uses infomerical and bad lawyer commercial vibes in the best, cheesy way possible.

Ads from the Past

1996, Daihatsu Motor Co.


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