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R Without the I

It’s like not having coffee in the morning. Dangerous and genuinely shouldn’t happen.

You Can’t Get the Return Without the Investment

Another day, another Carnage podcast…

That’s right! Today, we’ve got Episode 5 of the Carnage podcast for y’all.

Our CMO, Nick, talked with Patrick LaBauve, the Marketing Strategist for the USA Today Network. They cover a wide range of topics — from hard work to the current state of education.

But mostly, they talk about marketing, and why it’s important to set expectations with your clients, your boss, or whoever you’re working for. You have to be honest with yourself too. Any new marketing campaign you run likely won’t see immediate results.

Like Patrick says, “You can’t get the R without the I.” By that, he means you have to put in the time AND money investment to truly see great results from something.

Tune in now, but we’ve got the show notes and highlights right here for you:

  • (01:41) Just a little background – USA Today owns over 110 other publications and have a very robust digital presence.
  • (04:21) If you’re in charge of media buy for your company, forget “dipping your toes in” on one advertising technique. That will just get you mediocre results. Instead, build a holistic strategy that includes that technique.
  • (06:07) What’s the solution for when you’re running a new campaign, not seeing immediate results, and your boss is on your back about it?
  • (06:49) Be open, honest, and upfront with your boss or client. Tell them that you probably won’t see results immediately from any new strategy.
  • (07:40) You can’t have the R without the I — in both time and money.
  • (07:52) A new marketing campaign is like gardening — if the soil is bad, or you don’t water at the right time, your plants might not grow.
  • (11:44) If you’re looking to break into marketing, put in the work. Learn about the platforms you might be working on. Offer to work for small, local businesses for free. Show your value.

That’s only scratching the surface of this podcast. Dive in for the full thing…

Feats of Middle Age

When you get older, simple things like getting out of a swimming pool without using the ladder become really tough. Sometimes it seems like an accomplishment to just get outta bed in the morning.

But, those accomplishments are never celebrated. What the heck is that about? That’s why magnesium supplement brand, Slow-Mag, decided to build a campaign around celebrating these feats of middle age.

They include a guy climbing out of a swimming pool, getting out of a low sports car, and climbing over a fence. Each time the actor accomplishes that, a drum-roll and voice over celebrates his accomplishment.

It’s a slightly sarcastic, dry humor campaign. And if you know anything about us…that’s right up our alley.

“When you start with what’s at stake for the buyer, you earn the right to their attention.”

Jake Sorofman

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