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Linked and Loaded

New link guidance just dropped.

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4 Takeaways from Google’s Updated Link Guidance

Google recently updated its guidance on SEO Link Best Practices. These recommendations are generally aligned with HTML recommendations. Here are some things to note:

  • Title Attribute Can Work Like an Anchor Text. The title attribute applied to a link element can be used in the absence of anchor text (see below) to describe the purpose of the link.
  • Extra Long Anchor Text is Bad. Google’s new guidance recommends that anchor text serve as a concise description of the link’s purpose.
  • Context and Natural Language Matter. You know the drill. When it comes to link anchor text, write naturally—for humans—using only those keywords necessary to understand the page you’re linking to.
  • Don’t Chain Links. Chaining links—or adding links close together so that each linked word does not adequately communicate what the linked page is about—is bad practice.

For more, check out Search Engine Journal’s recap of the updates.

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Pringles Multigrain


Pringles Multigrain is hitting the UK with a strange new mascot: a musically gifted hamster. The best part of this multichannel “Wonderfully Different” campaign is the seriously cool gig-inspired posters that went up around London to tease the launch. We’re not sure about multigrain Pringles but, then again, this spot proves that you don’t have to get it to love it.

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Colgate 1960s

Colgate, 1960s


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