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When to Use Mass SMS Marketing

When done right, mass SMS marketing has higher response and read rates than email, allowing you to nurture your leads with personalized, two-way messaging at the right cadence. Here’s how to use them:

  • Follow-ups: Contacts ignoring your email? Leverage quick and scannable SMS messages for higher engagement.
  • Reminders: Life is busy. Schedule reminders about your event, meeting, or touch point in order to nurture your connections and get replies.
  • Post-event: Follow up with connections you made at a trade show immediately with relevant info in order to turn them into real leads.
  • Exclusive offers: Build your list by sending a special offer to those who sign up to receive SMS marketing a special.
  • Notifications: In practical circumstances when it’s necessary to send a mass alert or notification to your list, mass SMS marketing comes in handy.

Check out G2 to learn about short-code versus long-code SMS.

Smash or Pass

What do you think about the new Bit O Honey logo?

Bit O Honey

Bit O Honey packaging

Clerk Chat

Slack and Teams users should check out Clerk Chat. This omnichannel tool integrates your business phone number and your existing contact list and allows you to receive SMS text messages (plus WhatsApp and 2FA codes) and watch your team respond from Slack or Teams in real-time.

A$AP Rocky x Beats by Dre

Diapers, ASAP

Mama Rihanna has gifted us a rare (but off-camera) cameo in this Beats by Dre ad, sending A$AP Rocky on a mission for more diapers. His mad dash features a new track produced by Pharrell.

Ads from the Past

Continental Baking Co, 1956

Continental Baking Co, 1956


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