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So long sweet Summer

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Facebook Friday

We’re almost at 8k members. 🙌🏼

Are you in?

If you’re on the fence, look no further than Alanah’s most recent comment:

“I just wanted to say, I am in a crapload of groups for business and marketing…but this is the only one that I get actual value out of instead of just a wave of thinly veiled self-promotion. You guys are always bringing the help, learnings and lols. Thanks fellow Carneys 🙏.”

Here’s what went down this week:

  • Jamie raised a question about the unsubscribe confirmation email. What camp are you in?
  • Marilia says, “Publix (supermarket chain HQ in Florida) Hurricane cake… thoughts? Personally, having grown up in FL, I love it, but apparently some people were offended.” Too much?
  • Bethany is looking for some tips on where to find a remote marketing position. Help a girl out.
  • Michelle wants to know if anyone has taken the $150 FB marketing/ads certification tests. Are they worth it?

The Yearly
Carnage is

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Posts of the Week

  • Building the modern marketing team. (via DigitalMarketer)
  • Create a professional email signature in seconds. (via SignatureLab)
  • The most beautiful Egg McMuffin animation you’ll ever see. (via Vimeo)
  • Looking to do some good on your next vacation? (via Have Fun Do Good)
  • 27 Copywriting formulas you must check out. (via Buffer)

Drink of the Week

It’s been fun Summer. Here’s to ya. 🍻

What we’re drinking: The Beach

• 1.5 oz. Cayrum Rum
• 2.5 oz. Pineapple Juice
• Soda
• Lime wedge

Recipe by Montauk Sun.

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