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How to Use the Power of Podcasting to Increase Your Audience

Sarah Rhea Werner is the host of the Write Now podcast, a weekly podcast for aspiring writers. (Shout out to all you beautiful writers out there!) She’s also a columnist for Forbes on the topic of podcasting, so you knooow she’s a real master on the matter.

Sarah sat down with the host of CoSchedule’s Actionable Marketing to talk all things podcasting.

If you’ve ever considered starting a podcast, you should def start by listening to this one first.

  • (01:45) How and why Sarah got into podcasting.
  • (04:30) The types of opportunities Sarah has had since starting a podcast that blogging wasn’t bringing her.
  • (04:40) Why public speaking opportunities are a huge benefit.
  • (05:00) How podcasting can be a great in with influencers.
  • (05:40) Why you should join a lot of communities. Sarah joined the FB group, She Podcasts in 2014, which was started because there wasn’t a big female voice in podcasting.
  • (06:23) Where and how she met an editor at Forbes.
  • (08:00) Audience-building advice for marketing teams and companies. Rule #1: Don’t just jump on the fad train.
  • (10:45) Why it’s super crucial to create your podcast based on what your listeners like.
  • (12:40) Tips on striking a balance between providing value and marketing yourself through your podcast.
  • (14:12) Why it’s important to make sure any selling that you do on your podcast is delightful, interesting, and fun.
  • (16:40) “The delightful brand experience” and Old Spice commercials.
  • (19:40) How a podcast is both similar to and different from different marketing avenues.
  • (21:00) Some of the tactical challenges and practices of podcasting.
  • (22:25) Tactical ways to make podcasting work as a social media strategy.
  • (23:45) Why you should never assume who your audience is. Use Facebook as a way to understand who your audience is—who are you really serving?
  • (27:00) Value of creating a forum where people are sharing ideas and how FB groups can be “self-feeding.”
  • (30:20) How you can measure ROI on your podcast.
  • (33:35) Sarah’s best final advice for a brand who is toying with the idea of a podcast.

Yeah… There are so many amazing highlights and insights in here. We suggest fully tuning in to this one →

Buffer Studied Instagram Studies So You Don’t Have To

Studying studies? That’s so meta.

Literally. (A study of studies is called a meta-analysis. The more you know…)

We all know it’s time for every brand to be on Instagram. Well, maybe not every brand, but a lot of them can benefit from the platform.

The thing is, if you’re going to give IG a shot, you need to take an analytical approach. Use data to inform your strategy. That’s why Buffer swooped in and analyzed a ton of IG studies to give us data-backed tips to help plan a new strategy, or just update your current strategy.

Some of their tips:

  1. Instagram’s young audience likes useful, current, and creative content. The majority of Insta users are between 18 & 49. They want to see things that make your brand different, current, creative, and useful. IG is your chance to finally get out of that box your boss keeps you in.
  2. Posting frequency is not as important as posting consistency. Stick to a regular posting schedule, but don’t post more than a few times a day. One or two great posts a week is better than 10 mediocre posts a day.
  3. There isn’t a universal best time to post on Instagram. Everyone says something different. You need to test your audience to see what works best for them. Tools like Iconosquare and Buffer can help with this.
  4. Videos might overtake images as the most engaging type of content. Yeah, video is definitely here to stay.
  5. User-generated content drives growth and conversions. Here’s a wild stat: Consumers who see a user-generated photo have a 4.5 percent higher chance of converting into a customer. This increases to 9.6 percent when the consumers interacted with the photo.
  6. Caption length doesn’t affect engagement. There really isn’t a minimum or maximum caption length. Take as many words as you need to get your point across. IG users even read the long ones.

There are still a few more tips to explore!

Samsung Bashes an Entire Decade of iPhones in New Galaxy Ad

And they do not hold back…

We think even diehard iPhone fans will feel an overwhelming sense of “Been there, done that” as the ad’s star, Erik, goes through the trials and tribulations of owning an iPhone. Jordyn’s all like, “Damn, this hits close to home..”

The “Cannot Take Photo” popup message. The phone-in-rice moment of silence. The Wtf-is-this-headphone-adapter look of confusion…

Erik starts his journey in 2007 when he buys his first generation iPhone. His comforted look when he opens a new iPhone every few years slowly starts to fade as the phones get more…trying. When Erik meets his girlfriend and her Samsung in 2013, his iPhone 5 is put to shame.

Finally, he makes the switch, and we see him confidently walking passed a place he once stood—in line with people waiting to buy another iPhone. Keep an eye out for the guy with the “fanboy” haircut that mocks the iPhone X’s new notch detail. Lol…

Hey, Look at This

On our Instagram last Monday, we featured a photo by visual artist and photographer, Jaime Sanchez. We are absolutely obsessed with his work’s intriguing use of color and unique forms.

We thought you’d dig his stuff too. 

Ads from the Past


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