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Tips for effective guest blogging.

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Guest Blogging for SEO

Most experts believe that guest blogging remains an important part of SEO when implemented correctly. Here are the keys to an effective guest blogging strategy:

  • Find Valuable Prospects: Identify high-quality sites with relevant industry focus, good domain authority (DA), and a history of accepting guest blogs to ensure quality backlinks and improved search rankings. You can do DIY research, hire a team or a freelancer, or utilize directories for this.
  • Personalize Your Pitch: Craft persuasive and personalized outreach emails or social media messages to potential target pages. Explain the value of your proposed blog post and why you are the best fit for the task.
  • Create Impactful Content: Invest time and resources in creating high-quality, memorable content. Conduct interviews and client/follower research or share real-life cases to engage readers emotionally. Optimize content and choose keywords wisely.
  • Manage Your Personal Brand: Website owners may assess your online presence, so ensure your social media profiles and online image reflect your expertise. A strong personal brand can also attract opportunities and collaborations.
  • Avoid Overdoing It: Maintain a balanced approach to guest blogging to avoid appearing spammy or violating Google policies. Quality and relevance should be prioritized over quantity.

Check out Search Engine Land for more.

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Do you use Artifact?


ATTN: All you late-night deck builders. Need to wrap a screenshot in a browser frame? Here’s Browser Frame. Just upload your image, select the browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and operating system of your choice, and download. You also have the option to tweak values like padding, shadows, colors, and screen dimensions and scale.

Issa Rae wears a pink blazer and holds an iced TAZO drink in a cafe

I <3 Indie Cafes

TAZO has teamed up with actor, producer, and cafe-owner Issa Rae to introduce The TAZO Cafe Collective, which will work to inspire support of independently owned community cafes everywhere. Issa Rae’s cafe, Hilltop, is a founding participant.

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Dodge, 1970s


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