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Stale Content 🍞

Fix it with ephemerals, instructographics, and more!

10 Alternative Content Types to Try

Remix your content mix with these 10 alternative formats:

  1. Live streams offer an interactive, authentic experience that builds trust with users, holding their attention 10 to 20 times longer than an on-demand video.
  2. Screencasts or screen recordings with narration make your demonstrations, FAQs, and step-by-step instructions more memorable to clients.
  3. Podcasts that tackle topics in your niche drive brand awareness. In fact, 69% of listeners say they discover new products and services through podcasts.
  4. Storyboarding or combining panels of text, images, and illustrations can be a powerful well to tell stories like the customer journey.
  5. AR/VR content is an immersive channel to demonstrates product features, run interactive ads, or offer tutorials.
  6. Instructographics are like infographics that teach the audience how to do something.
  7. Carousels generate the most comments and 1.92% higher engagement than single images.
  8. Shoppable posts appeal to Gen Z, who prefer to do their shopping on social media.
  9. Ephemeral content like Instagram stories create a sense of urgency to capture attention.
  10. Gamified content helps you stand out from competitors and generates twice the conversions.

Dig in to each type at G2.

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