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Start! In the Name of Growth

Business growth formula & Flo’s day off.

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Agile Management System Framework

An Olympic relay showcases some of the fastest sprinters you’ll ever see, and it’s all about speed. They hardly need to worry about endurance since they’ll be passing off the baton before they get too winded. While one person can make their way around a track without help, a team will do it faster without fail. 

The same principle applies to any business – especially service-based businesses. You’ll only ever have so much capacity on your own, but at scale, the sky’s the limit. Today, CROOW is sharing the 5 steps of the Agile Management System Framework from their new eBook, Level Up: Management Secrets to Create an Agile and Growing Services Organization. 

  1. Unify. The first step starts with asking yourself, “What do I want to do?” You need to define your vision, your goals, and what sets you apart from your competition. Once you can define this for yourself, you can define it for your team so everyone is on the same page. 
  2. Create. It’s time to turn your vision into reality. Outline the different roles you’ll need on your team to accomplish your mission. Create marketing content to show your target audience how you’re able to help, and most importantly, determine which services your business will offer and a strategy or process to execute on those services for clients. 
  3. Operate. Push out your marketing materials to your target audiences to attract new business. Build up a client base and ensure you meet deliverables on time while providing high-quality work to gain repeat business. Assess client budgets relative to your costs to maintain a profitable model. 
  4. Automate. Take a look at all your processes and see where there may be bottlenecks. There’s always room for improvement, so refine current processes or introduce technologies to simplify and automate the various aspects of your business. Pay close attention to your metrics to gauge opportunities and detect areas of improvement. 

See the 5th step and so much more in CROOW’s new eBook. We’re passing off the baton to you to get your free copy today.

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Which one of these best describes the current state of your business with regard to employee count?


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Break From Work

It’s healthy to take your mind off work on your day off. It allows you to reset your mind so you can think clearly when you head back in. Plus, people probably aren’t interested in you talking shop while they’re trying to relax.

Progressive brings us another installment of Flo, but this time she’s not on the job. But who are we kidding? Flo is always on the job and can’t help but interject with some insurance savings tips.

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