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Be in the Know

How to Succeed at Content Marketing

Someone in our Facebook group posed the following question last week…

“Does anyone have a “these are the checklist of items we do when we launch a new content piece” list they’d be willing to share?”

We won’t be sharing a checklist per se, but we will be discussing 3 reasons content marketing fails and what you can do about it. If you don’t have a current content marketing strategy in place, get on it. To be successful with content, you need to have a plan in place.


  1. Lack of Research: This should go without saying, but many companies don’t spend enough time researching the topic at hand. When their content misses the mark, they’re left scratching their heads. Do your research up front and publish content that will captivate your target audience. Don’t post…to post.
  2. Funnel Fail: Your content strategy should have a clear road map on how to drive traffic through the entire funnel. Each piece of content needs to meet your customer where they’re at. One of the best ways to achieve this is to make sure your content calendar aligns with each layer in the funnel.
  3. Lack of Distribution: It’s not uncommon for content teams to spend 90% of their time on production and only 10% on distribution. If you’re not getting eyes on your content, is it really worth it? The short answer is “no.” Spend time setting up systems that will scale for content distribution and develop relationships with folks who can assist in sharing your content.

Mock It

Here’s a sweet lil’ tool for ya.

It’s called ‘Mock,’ and it allows you to instantly create video mockups from screen recordings by wrapping your recording in a device image. We gave it a whirl and it took less than 5 minutes to receive our mocked video.

There’s a free and paid version available. We’re big fans.

Light Beer Anyone?

Talk about finding your target audience and speaking to them…

Saint Archer (owned by MillerCoors) is making a run in the light beer market. After watching their new ad, we’re ready for some beer and activities. Whaddya think?

Ads from the Past

Life Savers, 1945.


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