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Step up your intro game

plus – impossible foods, Spotify podcasts, and a meeting recorder.

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How to Write Stronger Introductions

Turning casual browsers into readers is an art form. A recent study by Chartbeat found that 10% of visitors who land on an article never scroll down.

So, how do you get more people scrolling?

Writing a strong introduction is a great place to start.

Here are 9 simple ways to step up your intro game.

  • Keep your first sentence short: Don’t make your readers work too hard. Come out of the gate with a short sentence or two and keep it digestible and punchy.
  • Say something unusual: The goal of the first sentence is to get your readers to read the second sentence (and so on). Think outside of the box for your introduction. Keep it weird enough to pique their interest.
  • Don’t repeat the title: Reinforce the title, but don’t repeat it. They’ve read it already.
  • Use the word “you” at least once: Using the word “you” emphasizes that you are writing with your reader in mind. It’s a powerful word that shows you care.
  • Dedicate a sentence or two to articulating what the article is about: Someone landed on your article for a reason. To set their expectations, don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what they’ll be reading about. Example: This article will show you 9 ways to write stronger introductions.
  • Tell them why the article is important: You already know why your article is important (hopefully), but your reader might not. Give them a good hook by showing the problem and the solution with your article.
  • Be careful with storytelling: “If you begin your article with a story, don’t reveal the conclusion until the reader is deeper into the article, or even until the very end.”
  • Use a stat: Using a stat or fact is a great way to draw your reader in and show them that other folks might be dealing with the same problem or issue.

Check out a few more below.

A Shared Space for Meetings

Fireflies automatically records your meetings and organizes your team’s knowledge in one place.

All you have to do is connect your calendar, include a dial-in number and capture away. Fireflies integrates with over 15+ leading providers.

There’s a free version with enough features to be dangerous.

The Shower Beer

Back to back days featuring Coors Light commercials. Their new #MadeToChill campaign is generating some buzz across the interwebs.

Cheers to the shower beer.

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