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Surprise and Delight 💫

Treat your micro-influencers.

May the ritual pastry sacrifice bring luck in the new year.

Be in The Know

Micro-Influencer Tactics for 2024

As it becomes harder to sell through influencers on social, brands are moving away from expensive professional content creators in favor of more cost-effective UGC. Here’s how:

  • Work with existing customers. Tap your existing network of loyal fans whose honest reviews of free product will resonate more in an oversaturated influencer landscape.
  • Hone your gifting strategy. Test incentives like affiliate commission, free products and gifts, access to special events and exclusives, and promotional discounts.
  • Build lasting relationships. Keep fans engaged by sending birthday cards, spotlighting users, co-creating products with them, and inviting early feedback.
  • Know when to go traditional. Larger influencers can still support bigger brand moments and product launches, in tandem with your micro-influencer strategy.

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Smash or Pass

The edible and slightly menacing Pop-Tarts Bowl mascot went viral after various shenanigans throughout the game, including popping out of a giant toaster and, ultimately, being eaten by the team. RIP.

A poptart mascot holds a sign that says "Dreams Do come True"


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A group of men embrace each other on a couch during a holiday

New Guy

How many Coca-Cola products can you spot in this new campaign? It’s directed by Christopher Storer, the creator of Hulu’s “The Bear,” and inspired by that chaotic season-two episode (“Fishes”).

Ads from the Past

Libbyland Adventure Dinners with the foods kids like... And the convenience busy mothers look for.

Libby’s, 1970s


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