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Everything Marketers Need to Know About the Apple WWDC22

Last week, Apple held its 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC22). While it had a lot of really cool product and software announcements, it also had some updates that marketers should have on their radar. Here are some highlights we think marketers need to know:

  • Consumer privacy protection: Apple offered an overview of the company’s “privacy pillars” that seek to minimize the data that apps need to function and to offer greater transparency into how apps use data. New features will help ad networks and advertisers measure performance while still promising to preserve privacy.
  • SKAdNetwork updates: The next version of Apple’s attribution solution, SKAdNetwork, is here. You can collect multiple event data continuously and understand hierarchal conversion values better.
  • Ad breaks in SharePlay: There are updates on how customers will see ad breaks when streaming in SharePlay, the co-viewing feature in its FaceTime video calling platform that is coming to iMessage with iOS 16.
  • App Store Connect: For all the app developers out there, there are new performance benchmarks!
  • Using your iPhone as a webcam: Native webcams on Macs are not nearly as impressive as phone cameras nowadays. This isn’t exactly marketing related, but it is for everyone working remotely that is looking for better video quality.

Get the other product and feature updates directly from Apple’s recap.

Q for You

Do you think you have had conversions happen from your social media content?


There are so many options for designers and teams to try out when it comes to making digital projects. Flinto is a design tool that allows you to create unique interactions within your designs. Gestures, transitions, and animations are included in the platform. Flinto is a Mac app and has Sketch and Figma integrations so you don’t have to create more work moving design files. Check it out to see if this your next favorite tool for all things prototyping and animation.

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Well then we have a tool for you – Scalemail Polls! It’s a polling system that can be integrated into your existing newsletter so you can add a layer of engagement for your audience. Wanna see it in action? We can show you.

Live in the Now

Alfa, a Greek beer brand, released this sweet ad about social media distractions. A couple is just trying to enjoy a date night but keep getting distracted by family, friends, influencers, even astronauts. It’s a little reminder of how hard it can be to get your phone out of your face and pay attention to what’s right in front of you.

Ads from the Past

1960, Tanfastic


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